Come On Jeeves

Come On Jeeves

Whilst Bertie Wooster is out of town, his gentleman’s gentleman, the inimitable Jeeves, is on loan to the 9th Earl of Towcester. The Earl’s moonlighting as a racecourse bookie has left him indebted to a fearsome big game hunter, and he’s under pressure to sell his crumbling estate to a wealthy clairvoyant.

Can the unflappable and ever-resourceful Jeeves save the day for this nice-but-dim aristocrat and retrieve the family fortune?!

“M’lord, I realise the situation is grave, but it’s time for the stiff upper lip, and the piece of steel down the spine.”

Bursting with Wodehouse’s trademark aristocrats who are larger-than-life and don’t have an ounce of sense between them, this 1920s romp promises to be a sparkling summer treat full of fun, fervour and good humour. And there’s a ghost!

Director Matthew Hope comments: “Come On, Jeeves is classic Wodehouse at its best – witty, sharp and character-driven fun. We’ve had so much delight in exploring his world in rehearsals and we are sure audiences will love it too!”

Come on, Jeeves by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse opens on Tuesday 20 June. Tickets are available from the People’s Theatre Box Office on 0191 265 5020 (option 2) and online at

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