DISNEY ON ICE 100 Years of Magic – Review

Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic is our first EVER Disney On Ice

It was lovely to see so many adults and children enjoying the event alike. Myself and daughter kept looking at each other and smiling lots. Expectations were extremely high and Emily and I love the classics so couldn’t wait to see them featured over the 100 years.

I lost count of how many characters were on the rink at any point but I’m sure it rose to around 50, there were 20 Genies though. We all knew the songs, there was some brilliant if not sometimes scary choreography with a full snowstorm, well-timed pyrotechnics and the ever-changing set took us to where we needed to be.

Ok, little confession we arrived 10 minutes late and it seems we missed quite a packed ten minutes featuring an opening sequence, Pinocchio and Nemo. We arrived at Beauty and The Beast in mid-scene but we didn’t miss Belle breaking the curse of the Beast which is a fav of ours. Next came a flurry of characters, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Princess & The Frog, Aladdin, Rapunzel, Snow White, then the clubhouse gang, Minnie, Micky, Donald and Goofy.  

Frozen was next and the audience was taken on a journey through Arendelle and up the North Mountain with Olaf and Kristoff. True sisterly love conquers all. The skating was exquisite especially from Anna and the acting was good too. Kristoff was charming and Hans, dastardly.

Time for the intermission. Now I could get into the cost of food and merchandise but I won’t as my nine-year-old has never been demanding for ‘stuff’ but I do feel for families that hate to say ‘no’.

Now let’s get seated for the second half…..

One of my top five characters, Aladdin, appeared in front of our eyes. We thoroughly enjoyed this scene, Aladdin and the Genie x 20 were on the rink and they displayed some awesome skating. 

Next came Mickey, again, holding a backpack great and talking through its contents. We didn’t even notice a larger then human-size backpack appear on the rink. Then Forky appeared to rip-roaring cheers as four more toy story characters saved him from forever wanting to go in the bin. 

Can you feel the love tonight? Well, who wouldn’t with Timon and Pumbaaand the Hakuna Matata song. The lion and lioness performed the most graceful and best skating of the evening for us it was seemingly effortless. 

Next enters Mulan, a much-underused lead female character performed an excellent display to ‘Reflection’, from a young girl to warrior to woman with lots of little quick changes  

Circle of Life fills the air again and provides the number for the finale, with everyone back on stage. A great finale. I do wish they had featured something from each decade though.

This show runs at Utilita Arena until the 6th of October. Tickets can be found here: 

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