Eddie Izzard – O2 City Hall

I first heard Eddie Izzard on the radio when I was at 16 years old, he was telling a joke about cats with bulldozers behind the settee and then he followed that up with a joke about speaking French and the infamous “le singe est dans l’arbre” which still makes me laugh to this day. Suffice to say, I’ve been a long time fan ever since. Wunderbar is a 2 hour show of comedy and laugh out loud moments, ironic political statements and thoughts which you can ponder on the way home in your Uber. It’s Eddies last tour before he becomes a politician and quite simply he wants to make the world a better place comedically and politically so we’re already on the same page with our life long socialist values and a want for total equality for all. Eddie gives a 2 hour performance which is full of joy, he said himself at the end of the show that for half of the performance he hadn’t even spoken words, and it’s true, for a lot of it he made noises which although indecipherable didn’t need to be spoken because you knew exactly what he meant. His tale of the dinosaur gameshow had me creased in half and he didn’t really say a single word. I guess the joy of Eddie Izzard is total escapism, for 2 hours you can leave the world outside and enter his world, a psychedelic world which is a wholly better place. He doesn’t believe in God, he believes in people and he also believes that to conquer the negativity we have in the world all we need to do is become not only positive but double positive. I equate this to mean, don’t just recycle, also plant trees and that’s not a bad ethos to have. I hope that when Eddie does become a politician he’ll brighten the insides of Parliament, I hope he keeps his style and I hope that when he stands in the chambers that he is wearing all of the colours of the rainbow. The world needs more people like Eddie Izzard, and I always state that if I could have a dinner party with anyone attending I’d have him on one side of me and Jeremy Corbyn on the other. If you can go and see Eddie Izzard before he gives up comedy at the next election you really should go, let’s also be clear that he might give up professional comedy but he’s not ever going to give up being funny because that’s just part of the person he is. Waiting almost 30 years to see him perform live did not disappoint and as my son’s first experience of live comedy, the next person we see has a lot to live up to. Thanks for reading,


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