Footloose the Musical brings a stellar cast to the stage

Footloose the Musical brings a stellar cast to the stage

Award-winning north east theatre company, DarlingtonOS, is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated casting of the beloved musical Footloose. This electrifying stage adaptation of the 1984 hit film will feature a stellar ensemble of talented performers who will bring the energetic and iconic story to life.

Set in the small town of Bomont, Footloose the Musical follows the rebellious teenager Ren McCormack as he challenges the town’s strict ban on dancing. This high-energy production promises to captivate audiences with its unforgettable music and heart-warming message of self-expression and the power of youth.

Leading the cast as Ren McCormack, the charismatic young protagonist, is Ben Connor. Known for his remarkable talent and captivating stage presence, Ben is the perfect fit to embody the rebellious spirit and infectious energy that Ren embodies.

Playing the role of Ariel Moore, the pastor’s daughter who becomes Ren’s love interest and partner in rebellion, is the immensely talented Rachel Geddes. With her remarkable vocal range and acting prowess, Rachel is set to deliver a powerful and emotionally charged performance, capturing Ariel’s fiery spirit and determination.

Joining the cast is the versatile Julian Cound who will portray the role of Reverend Shaw Moore, Ariel’s strict father and the enforcer of the dancing ban. Julian’s commanding stage presence and ability to convey complex emotions will add depth and complexity to this pivotal character.

Playing the spirited Rusty, Ariel’s best friend, is the talented Abbie Hand. Known for her exceptional singing voice, Abbie will bring a light-hearted and endearing quality to the character, making her an audience favourite.

Supporting this exceptional ensemble are a group of talented performers who will bring the vibrant townspeople of Bomont to life. The ensemble will showcase their diverse skills and dynamic chemistry in a range of memorable roles. The full cast list is as follows: Ben Connor, Rachel Geddes, Julian Cound, Sam Morrison, Joe Connor, Abbie Hand, Andrew Hamilton, Eddie Taylor-Jones, Nathan Walker, Lucy Adams, Lucy Ivison, Nathan Thompson, Grace Mansfield, Luke Oldfield, Scott Edwards, Zoe Kent, Neil Harland, Sarah Harland, Barry I’Anson, Ellen Dunbavin, Matthew Pegden, Jess Williams, Fran Hague, Carly Harris, Zoe Bellamy, Phil Bargewell, Ellis Crosby, Selena Blain, Jenny Davis, Joe Hodgson, Kyle Macdonald, Bethany Hill, Sam Morton, Sally Ivison, Adele McNally, Bertha Moyo, Darrien Wright, Madison Parkinson, Becky Porter, Annika Tang

Under the expert direction of Joanne Hand, the creative team is working tirelessly to create a visually stunning and emotionally charged production. With musical direction by Steven Hood, Footloose the Musical promises to be an exhilarating theatrical experience that will have audiences coming back for more.

DarlingtonOS Chairman Julian Cound said: “We are incredibly excited about the phenomenal cast we have assembled for Footloose. Each member brings a unique talent and passion to their roles, and we can’t wait to share their exceptional performances with our audiences.”

Footloose will open at Darlington Hippodrome on Wednesday 25 October and run to Saturday 4 November. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at or by calling the Ticket Hotline 01325 244659.

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