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Frank Skinner is back on tour and no one could be more delighted than me! I’ve loved the comedic observational skills of Mr Skinner since 1994 when he was a host on Fantasy Football League with best friend David Baddiel.

There’s something warm and cosy about the way Frank Sinner performs, the way he talks to the audience makes you feel like you’re part of the family. He is truly a master of observational comedy and last night proved that this is comedian at the top his game, he says himself that he’s 62 and talks about how ageing affects you, “When you are 62, he said, injuries no longer come with an accompanying story, they just happen”.

I’ve always loved Frank Skinner because he says the things we’re all thinking, some of them are definitely not repeatable and in fact a lot of of the humour was so near to the mark last night that I can’t possibly repeat it here although I will state that I did laugh out loud about the Strictly curse not exactly being quite so traumatic as the curse of Tutankhamen.

Skinner took us on a journey from his past, to his present and about things just about to happen, I think he’ll go down supremely well at the Royal Variety Performance this year, even if he does have to err on the side of polite comedy.

Last nights performance seemed to me that this is a man who’s just enjoying who he is, he knows he’s funny, he laughs at his own jokes, and so he should, he’s hilarious. At points I was doubled over with laughter and an evening of good comedy really is good for the soul.

Last night was a test, an intimate gig before he launches himself on a future tour and really, although we were in a big theatre it definitely felt like an intimate performance. A mention must go to Keith, captain of the North Shields to South Shields ferry whom Frank had no knowledge that it only goes a quarter of a mile over the river, I assume he envisioned a boat which took 3 days at sea, not 5 minutes in the river, the back and forth were simply hilarious and although it reiterated why I never sit in the front row at comedy gigs, Keith and the rest of the front row definitely had a ball.

10/10, Frank Skinner is on top form and if he comes to your town you should go see him. Take note though, this is not a show for the under 18’s.

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