Gaucho Newcastle

Gaucho Newcastle

The history of Gaucho steak restaurants can be traced back to 1994 when the first Gaucho restaurant opened its doors in London’s Piccadilly area.

The concept of Gaucho was inspired by the traditional Argentinean gaucho, or cowboy, who roamed the Pampas grasslands and developed a unique style of grilling beef over an open fire. Gaucho aimed to bring the authentic taste of Argentine steak to London and now Newcastle, using the finest cuts of beef and traditional cooking methods.

The restaurant quickly became popular, with customers drawn to its elegant decor, extensive wine list, and high-quality meat. Gaucho’s success led to the opening of several more locations in London, as well as restaurants in other UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds.

Over the years, Gaucho has earned a reputation as one of the best steak restaurants in London and beyond, known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. While the menu has evolved over time to include new dishes and flavors, the core of the Gaucho experience remains the same: a celebration of the art of Argentine steak.

All of the beef comes from Argentinian, premium Black-Angus cattle bred at hand selected farms, reared by partners who they have worked with for many years. Grazing on seventeen different types of grass from the Pampas provinces – with everything they eat being 100% natural, the cows enjoy a lush, free-range lifestyle in an area famed for its fertile soil.

Alongside the production of beef, transport from farm to table is also being mapped, allowing Gaucho to have complete overview of the supply chain and carbon footprint of their beef offering, which through reforestation projects is now 100% carbon neutral in all the restaurants. Now that’s impressive.

Gaucho’s decor and ambience are an important part of the restaurant’s appeal, creating a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere for diners. Overall, the decor and ambience of Gaucho restaurants are designed to transport diners to the elegance and sophistication of Buenos Aires, while still maintaining a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel.

This restaurant is decorated with sleek, modern furnishings and moody lighting, creating a chic and stylish vibe. Leather seating, dark wood accents, and plush velvet curtains add to the upscale ambiance. This Newcastle branch is sleek, smart and mature.

One of the standout features of this Gaucho restaurant is the impressive wine displays, showcasing an extensive selection of wines from Argentina and around the world. To view the menu click here. The restaurants also offer a range of unique cocktails and spirits, including a signature range of G&Ts (gin and tonics) made with exotic botanicals seen here.

In addition to the main dining areas this Newcastle restaurant features private dining rooms and event spaces, offering an intimate and exclusive setting for special occasions and corporate events.

The cost of dining at Gaucho restaurants can vary depending on the location, menu items, and time of day. Generally, Gaucho is considered a high-end steakhouse, with prices that reflect the quality of the food and dining experience.

In the UK, for example, a steak dish at Gaucho can range from around £25-£50 or more, depending on the cut and size of the meat. Side dishes, starters, and desserts are also available at additional costs, as seen in the menus below.



It’s worth noting that while dining at Gaucho may be considered expensive, the restaurant’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices is reflected in the cost.

You can also ask to see the Steak Board prior to ordering to give you an idea of what they are serving, and the staffs knowledge is second to none to ensure that you are the most informed you can be about the different cuts and the best wine pairings to accompany them!

Editors Note:

Overall, dining at Gaucho may be seen as a special occasion or luxury experience, rather than an everyday option for some diners but it will certainly gain a regular crowd for whom can frequent it more often. When we attended on press night we left very impressed with the food that we were served. Our steaks honestly were beautiful, the sides delicious and the knowledge and passion of the staff shone through very impressively. We will no doubt will be back in the future at some point.

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