Geoff Mull returns with Enough is Enough

“It’s time to stand up, Enough is Enough.” 

It’s hard to think it’s been a full year since Geoff Mull released his last single, Just Remember, now he’s preparing to release three in quick succession beginning with the release, on September 11, of the heartfelt, Enough is Enough.A tough year for everybody, Geoff, 28, has knuckled down behind the scenes with producer Mark Littlemore, and have put together a series of tracks with which they are now ready to unload on a fan-base that are baying for new music.

“It’s a new push for the remainder of this, and into next year,” explains Geoff. “More after everything that’s been happening, because of COVID-19, so we’ve just been trying to keep the YouTube channel running really. “Especially as I usually do a Live session on a Tuesday, so all the creativity, and with it momentum, had all but gone, for all us creatives. ”Not one to rest on his laurels, Geoff and his team went back to the drawing board, mapped out new music in which to finish the year, then looked to see what ‘performance’ options were actually available. “Yeah, I’ve managed to do about a dozen, free, care home gigs,” smiled Geoff. “I’ve kept myself active, done some online shows, and I recently performed at the Rainton Meadows Arena (a show which also featured Will Jennison, and He Knows She Knows). “That was a good, yet quiet show, but it was nice to get back on stage again and now it’s a case of, slowly, getting back out there.”In aiming to finish 2020 with a strong momentum, alongside his upcoming releases, which begins with the track, Enough is Enough, Geoff has also been nominated for the ‘Best Male Solo’ at the National Entertainment Awards.

The track itself though, relates to Geoff’s experiences last year, a one he deems as being “the worst year of my life.”Affording a little insight he added: “The song is a very personal song for me and it covers my experience last year in a volatile relationship. “It revolves around domestic violence, of the female to male variety, and a court battle which lasted close to eight months.“Although it had a positive outcome, I needed to tell that story, somehow.  “It’s been tough though and I don’t really want the story to be as obvious and in people’s faces, BUT, I do think it will relate to and be able to help a lot of males out there.” In Geoff’s case it’s a scenario that had a happy ending, however, for others, it may not go that way and this, in a way, is his story, his way of opening up.

As for the night of the 11th, Felling is the place to be for those lucky few with the music video for the new single being played at a launch night at the 8k Studios for close friends and family, cast and crew, before being released globally an hour later.

Geoff Mull returns with the single, Enough is Enough,’ available on all digital download platforms on Friday 11 September 2020.

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