Hope is a 4 letter word

Hope is a 4 letter word

Experience a groundbreaking production crafted by an award-winning creative team – two intertwining monologues that delve into similar themes from opposing perspectives.

‘I lost my way. Twelve years underground, isolation, different names, a lost self. I had arrived at a deeply wrong way of responding to social problems. Prison lies at the end of a road taken… now more than twenty years in prison, I share with other women daily issues of parenting, education, and health. I have turned sixty. I think about how do we protect our planet’.

These profound words are from Kathy Boudin, a convicted terrorist and founding member of the US militant Weather Underground organisation. The group engaged in bombings of government buildings to express opposition to U.S. foreign policy and racism.

The second narrative unfolds after enduring two serious crimes without support. Our character finds themselves in a psych-ICU-prison, where they encounter Kathy Boudin’s words. This unbelievable and true tale is rife with ridiculous and cruel absurdities. Beginning in a psych-ICU-prison and concluding in a river with water cooling and drowning the insane narrative, it liberates our character as a kingfisher gracefully flies past.

Witness an extraordinary journey that challenges perceptions and captivates audiences with its raw, emotional intensity.

Alphabetti Theatre presents the World Premiere of

Written by gobscure
Directed by Ali Pritchard
Performed by Zoe Lambert
& Rebecca Glendenning Laycock

“Twisted humour that liberates you”

hope is a 4 letter word

Dates: Tuesday 16th April – Saturday 4th May 2024
Captioned Performance: Wednesday 24th April 2024
Audio Described Performance: Wednesday 1st May 2024
Relaxed Performance: Saturday 20th April 1pm, Saturday 27th April 1pm
& Saturday 4th May 1pm

Times: 7.30pm Tues-Sat and extra 1pm Matinees on Saturdays
Location: Alphabetti Theatre, St James’ Blvd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4HP
Box Office: Booking Essential. Tickets are Pay What You Feel until April 20th.
After April 20th, priced £3 (‘no questions’), £7.50 (con), £15 (GA)
Available via: www.alphabettitheatre.co.uk/hopeisa4letterword

To accompany hope is a 4 letter word Alphabetti Theatre has micro-commissioned 18 North East based artists for rotating guest performances during the main show. The roster spans music, poetry, art & theatre and is listed below:

April 16th – Ruth Lyon
April 19th – Claire Ogah
April 23rd – C. Mae Bloom
April 26th – Lindsay Nicholson
April 30th – Audrey Cook
May 3rd – Mack Sproates

April 17th – Toni Hurford
April 20th – Hannah Walker
April 24th – Harrison Rowley-Lynn
April 27th – Degna Stone
May 1st – Taliraw
May 4th – Eddie Doyle

April 18th – Appy
April 20th- AJ McKenna
April 25th – Zoe Murtagh
April 27th – Coggin Galbreath
May 2nd – Liberty Hodes
May 4th – Worm Saliva

In keeping with our focus on the community at large, we’re inviting all visitors between now and opening night to contribute to the show’s set.

We’re aiming to have hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of paper props prepared in time for the first performance on April 16th. All visitors between now and then (or even during the run) can stop by the arts & crafts area in our café to conjure up a flower, plant, or miscellaneous piece of foliage – to be used on the set!

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