In Attendance: Game Of Throwing

In Attendance: Game Of Throwing

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#Ad Recently opened, Game of Throwing Newcastle invited us down to check out the newest Ubran Axe Throwing experience to come to Newcastle. Yes we already have Hatchet Harrys, but I’m now sure there’s enough space on the board for two axes to hit the mark in Newcastle.

Situated in The Gate, within what used to be Players Bar…(oh the memories), it is a little bit of a hybrid. The skeleton of the venue still exists. A spacious reception area welcomes you in. The side areas, and balconies are all still there as it was before. When you start to look around, it still looks very much like a bar. The main change is that the bar area has been removed and in its place 4 Axe throwing lanes now exist.

I was told they have a temporary lease on the venue, so time will tell if it becomes a permanent fixture. It’s in a perfect location and It would be nice to see if extended, that a whole redevelopment of the venue occurred. There is plenty of space to add more lanes, improve the facilities and games they could offer. To be fair though, once I was in my lane, I didn’t really take too much notice of what was around me.  Be warned though, toilet facilities are only available within The Gate itself and not the venue.

I hadn’t tried Axe throwing before but was intrigued. We were welcomed and after a safety brief were let onto the lanes…not just by ourselves though! The good bit about this is, you are guided through the hour by a member of staff. They are there to help with technique, manage and score the competitions and teach you some trick shots.

You book for 75 mins as a minimum. 15 of which is your safety brief, so you do get a whole hour of throwing. Currently Covid restrictions are in place too.  I have to say it takes a bit of effort at the beginning and was harder than I thought it would be. Once you start to get the hang of it, and in my case getting your axes to stick to the board, it naturally becomes more enjoyable. Once the competitions got going, we had fun. I don’t have myself down as a competitive person but soon found it especially as I was competing against a married couple who are friends of mine. I’m sure they had bragging rights over each other when they got home, but there was no way I could let them beat me!

The axes themselves are not that sharp, but these are axes so they can always be a danger. As we are handling axes though this is a tee-total experience. It’s advised not to drink prior, and no alcohol is available at the venue.

We stayed for the hour and by the end of it felt like we all had good fun. As it’s an active sport, this felt about the right time to stop also. You may feel it in your arms a little the day after, but it’s worth the aches.

Newcastle has a range of interactive activities popping up now, whether it be darts at the Wonderbar, Simulation Shooting at Point Blank Shooting or Axe Throwing. These are all worthwhile experiences and a bit different from the norm. I’d definitely recommend heading down and trying it out. I had a lot of fun and was a good laugh.

Each lane can take up to 6 people. Priced at £20 pp for Adults and £15pp for 10-16 year olds*(need to be accompanied by an adult)

More Info:

Game of Throwing Newcastle
Newgate Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tel: 07876 204 273

Mon: 12pm – 10pm
Tue: 12pm – 10pm
Wed: 12pm – 10pm
Thu: 12pm – 10pm
Fri: 12pm – 10pm

Sat : 10am – 10pm
Sun : 12pm – 8pm

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