Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

Get ready…now sing..

I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain, To see for certain what I thought I knew. Far far away, someone was weeping, But the world was sleeping
Any dream will do… yes i know you sang that in your head. Joseph and his multicolour dreamcoat are back in this new production and dazzling us until 4th June.

Haven’t seen it before? Well.. told entirely through song with the help of the Narrator, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat follows the story of Jacob’s favourite son Joseph and his eleven brothers. After being sold into hardship by the brothers, he ingratiates himself with Egyptian noble Potiphar, but ends up in jail after refusing the advances of Potiphar’s wife. While imprisoned, Joseph discovers his ability to interpret dreams, and he soon finds himself in front of the mighty but troubled showman, the Pharaoh. As Joseph strives to resolve Egypt’s famine, he becomes Pharaoh’s right-hand man and eventually reunites with his family.

The staging was cleverly layered, creating a depth on stage. Choreography was fab, and costumes detailed.

I don’t remember my 2007 version having this much humour in it, and for some that like tradition you may be left feeling a little unsure. There were a couple of scenes I thought went on a little too long and questioned if the content within was relevant like one that entered into a ’cheer’ style moment. However, if you don’t mind change and are open minded you’ll thoroughly enjoy it as this production has been reimagined.

Everyone knows the songs within the show, which have defined generations, and you’ll find yourself singing along or humming as they are sung.

Donovan, Yarrow and Hateley have all performed in this show before so know what it is to be part of this phenomenon, and I believe it lends itself to the ease of which they perform.

Jac Yarrow shows why he got rave reviews in the west end and an Olivier award nomination. Articulate and charismatic, I really enjoyed his performance and its great to have him on the whole of this tour.

Linzi Hateley for me is the star of this show as Narrator, and it’s easy to see why. She previously played the role of the Narrator, having first starred in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 1991, opposite Jason Donovan and Phillip Schofield. In this production Hateley is an atom bomb of energy and enthusiasm. A near ever present on stage, she was emotive, comedic and wonderful to watch.

I can’t not mention Jason Donovan. (The original Joseph), who now plays Pharaoh and gives us his best Elvis impression. Donovan brings a bit of nostalgia for those that saw him first time all those many years ago, but carries his role well. Donovan gets to shine in a mostly extended scene when discussing his dream.

A shoutout also to the ensemble cast of children, of whom provide some lovely harmonies and support well. Again, like Hately they display and energy of enthusiasm and big smile on their face.

Any dream will do, and for many this week this show could be that dream. Despite there being a couple of moments I was unsure of, overall it was an enjoyable show to watch.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat plays at Newcastle Theatre Royal from Tue 24 May – Sat 4 Jun 2022. Tickets are priced from £20.00 and can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010.

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