Lee Kyle Disco Twix - Stand up special Press Release

Lee Kyle Disco Twix – Stand up special Press Release

A show about gender, oddness and, if there’s time, class war.

One day, Lee was sat in a Victorian cemetery at the end of his street, underneath a tree that he’d thrown 13 pairs of shoes into the branches of. Sat with him, was a woman who used to be in Byker Grove and between his knees was a guinea pig he accidentally owned.

It was then he accepted that he is probably a bit odd.

He’d been trying to hide his weirdness and flamboyance due to an incident in his childhood where he was whipped by a boy (Who had once burned down his own home) with liquorice laces for expressing an opinion on chocolate.

And anyway, he’s been told a lot of times that people like him (Straight, white, North Eastern, cis, man) need to speak up about the issues he believes in. So he has.

The show was filmed by Felt Nowt Productions CIC, the world’s only comedian led CIC co-op which supports comedians in the North East.

It was filmed at The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle in November and is a four camera shoot.

Still not convinced? Don’t take his word for it, these folks have said nice things about him…

‘Subtle genius’ (NE1 Magazine)

‘Sublimely ridiculous’ (Northern Echo)

‘Very funny’ (Manchester Evening News)

‘Genius… Kyle is one to come back for’ (Leicester Mercury)

‘Whip smart jokes’ (One4review)

**** – Northeast Theatre Guide

***** – Edfringe Comedy

***** Popculture-y (Aus)

***** – Mumble

***** – Vegas7 (USA)

***** – Funny Tonne (Aus)

**** – The Wee Review

**** – One4review

Biography information 

Lee Kyle is one of the most inventive yet adaptable acts in the UK, known for his ability to adapt to any audience, he’s one of the top comedians for kids in the UK but it’s his longer, story driven adult shows that really stand out.  Able to seamlessly weave quirky stand up into stories that resonate with any audience, Lee is a top notch ad-libber, able to think on his feet with an impressive creativity that has made him a much in demand compere throughout the UK and beyond.

A former champion wrestler, his book Spandex Ballet was a hit in 2016, he is also a podcast host and was one of the principle writers and stars of Cinderella and the Beanstalk, The Stand Comedy Clubs smash hit alternative panto.  A regular at the Edinburgh fringe, this is Lee’s 5th recorded solo show.

The show was recorded by Felt Nowt Productions CIC and is released on youtube.com/leekyle (Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnbP0gc7o80) at 8pm on 20th March and patreon.com/feltnowt two weeks earlier.

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