Let's Create Not Apply! at Alphabetti Theatre

Let’s Create Not Apply! at Alphabetti Theatre

Let’s Create, Not Apply! An Artist call out for our creative carnival, applications now open!

Callout deadline: Noon on Monday June 10th, 2024,
Carnival is running: 6th– 30th August 2024

Application form here: https://forms.gle/Th5K9i5Z6KH1n9e37

Alphabetti Theatre’s upcoming Joyful Punk season will kick off with a new creative carnival called Let’s Create, Not Apply! This is the chance for artists to be involved. What do we mean by ‘Let’s Create, Not Apply’?

Okay yes you still need to submit one form so that we can make sure your event is a good fit for our venue, but our aim is to keep it simple and say YES to as many artists as possible. This is artists’ space to experiment, evolve and discover excellence. We want to support you to focus on your performance, so we will provide the following for every selected piece: 70% net box office split, technical support, free rehearsal space (subject to availability), basic marketing support, box office and most importantly artist discount at our bar.

Let’s Create, Not Apply! is a much-needed platform for artists to perform – in today’s climate the life of a creative is all too often spent filling out applications and pitches instead of creating. Applying and waiting is a way of life for freelancers, and it needs to change!

Departing Artistic Director and founder, Ali Pritchard starts off his final season with Alphabetti by calling out to local artists to be a part of this unique defiance – fuelled by joy, laughter, art and community.

Alphabetti Theatre aims to provide opportunities for artists to CREATE instead of battling through the red tape of applications and funding.

A defiant rally against lack of creative opportunities and support in the arts. An opportunity to be a part of something wonderful and all too rare – a stage supported by community, not bids.

Ali states “We understand the frustrations of endless applications, which is why we’ve simplified the process to make it as easy as possible. So, join us and be part of Let’s Create, Not Apply”

“Despite our weariness and disillusionment with the current state of affairs, we refuse to merely lament. Instead, let’s raise our voices with a grin and embark on a mission to enact positive change.”

This isn’t a rally against trusts and funders (please don’t blacklist Alphabetti!) – it’s an open arms call to local talent to support and nurture creatives.

Applications close at noon on Monday June 10th, 2024, creatives can apply using the link provided through the Alphabetti website.

‘Not just an essential part of the region’s theatre ecology…but the UK. Long may it continue.’
– British Theatre Guide

Alphabetti Theatre is an award-winning, artist led performance space in Newcastle upon Tyne. We believe that great art should be for everyone, regardless of financial situation, and work to create great socioeconomically accessible theatre by, with and for our community.

We are the city’s smallest producing house, making a big impact. Alphabetti was created to fulfil the need for a fringe venue in the North East, a place for early career artists to experiment, evolve, and be inspired. It is a community-driven space, dedicated to enabling access to theatre, whether as a creative or an audience member. Through its lauded Pay What You Feel ticketing, artist development programmes, and homegrown talent, it’s working to ensure the continued enjoyment and development of the performing arts in the region.

Since 2013, it has commissioned, presents and produced hundreds of publicly funded projects, and provided support, guidance and opportunities for so many more creatives. Its new writing work has prompted discussion and praise from the theatre bar to the Houses of Parliament, and reflects the stories, people, and issues of importance to its community.

In 2023, Alphabetti was named Best Cultural Venue at the North East Culture Awards, and Fringe Theatre of the Year 2023 at The Stage Awards, the first venue outside of London to win this award.

In 2024 our departing artistic/ executive director and founder – Ali Pritchard was presented to King Charles at Buckingham Palace’s Garden Party celebrating The Creative Industries for his services to the grassroots arts and culture.

Alphabetti Theatre recently celebrated its tenth birthday and looks forward to the next ten years.

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