Martin Kemp Back To The 80s DJ Set

Martin Kemp Back To The 80s DJ Set

Review – Friday 18 November 2022 – RB Events UKThe Boilershop

So on paper this really should NOT work. A man in his 60’s playing 80’s music tracks to a room full of mainly women of varying ages and levels of sobriety. But, it did. But WHY?

I think 1980’s and 1990’s nights help us reminisce about the good things in our youth. The music, the feeling, the being. Back in our, teens, twenty’s, thirty’s or whatever age we were during those decades.

At the end of the 1980’s I was 14 and not really a lover of Spandau Ballet, sorry Martin. It probably wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I appreciated them and there is no difference in my 40’s and music of the 1890’s is a definite go to of mine when I want to raise my spirits.

Martin is truly silver fox and has been on our screens most recently on Gogglebox with his son Roman. Martin had the ability to keep the crowd happy with his finger pointing, smiles, singing (loosely) and music choices. The mixing was a tad clunky but was forgiven time and time again.

There was a good feeling in the room albeit for some quite badly behaved women in the audience who thought nothing of pushing in front of people and being rather loud (security needed to intervene). If I was inebriated I may not have spotted it however being sober meant that I could see and hear everyone and everything. SO ladies next time play nicely.

The evening concluded on a rather decedent choice of, ‘Gold’ but it was perfect end to a great evening filled with singing and dancing.

The Boilershop is a small venue where you can get up close whomever is performing. Drinks are at standard Newcastle prices, toilets are fine. I’m looking forward to Jo Wiley and her 90’s night in December.

Review by:

Suzanne Whelan

Twitter: @suzannewhelan @sofa_stories

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