Miss Fiona and Miss Jade to open Platform Perform, Darlington's performing arts academy

Miss Fiona and Miss Jade to open Platform Perform, Darlington’s performing arts academy

September 2020 will see Platform Perform officially open its stage doors, and to celebrate they will have a week of virtual workshops covering West End and Television shows beginning on August 10.

The workshops will see that of Philip Hill Pearson, Jonny Dixon, Ryan Jenkins, Jonny Labey, Ben Harris, Jodie Steele, Danni Dee and Shanaya Atkinson Jones offer a variety of classes to anyone interested in the performing arts.Fronted by Fiona Scott (Miss Fiona, Head of Dance) and Jade Byrne (Miss Jade, Head of Drama), the pair having known each other since their time at the SLP College, fifteen years ago.

The academy, aimed at all age ranges from three-years-old upwards (ages three-five years covers Platform Poppets) will see numerous classes, activities, even performances, on show as the Darlington founders look to freshen up the industry.Platform Perform’s Head of Dance, Miss Fiona said: “It’s taken us a few years to do this, but we’re finally here.“The current situation (COVID-19 pandemic) gave us both the chance to be able to sit down and actually talk through this all properly and we’d both love to be able to pass on our experiences to future generations.

“With so much uncertainty at the moment we wanted to shine a positive light and show that there’s something good coming out of all of this, for all of us.”

An experienced duo, Miss Fiona has danced across the globe, travelling to Tenerife in Spain, Goa in India and time well spent in both choreography and cabaret during a couple of years in France; Miss Jade on the other hand is a well-known actress with a number of credits to her name before spending the past couple of years touring and performing her own stage production, Pricks.Miss Jade, Head of Drama, meanwhile added: “I do feel that now is the right time to do this, more so to be able to have a normal(ish) job.

“We’re able to offer something amazing, especially considering the experience Miss Fiona and I have ourselves.”A permanent home now signed and sealed for The Northern Echo Arena, Darlington, Platform Perform can now focus on realising not only their dreams, but the dreams of other performers across the region.Running Monday – Saturday the vast array of classes on offer can be found via https://www.platformperform.co.uk/classes whilst more information regarding the upcoming workshops and the celebrities giving them, is here https://www.platformperform.co.uk/workshops

Interested in Platform Perform?  Keep up-to-date via social media platforms, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PlatPerform/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/PlatPerform or via the website at https://www.platformperform.co.uk/

“We hope to see you all at the Arena very soon!” 

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