Astravaganza Entertainment, a forward-thinking local theatre company based here in the North East has released its latest show to hit the stage at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House in September, this year.

Lionel Bart’s timeless classic, Oliver will be taking to the stage from Wednesday September 6th through to Saturday September 9th for five captivating performances with a cast of 81 brought together to ensure that they do justice to the timeless tale.

As there are obviously a lot of children in the cast, the organisers have split them into two categories – Team Jelly, who will take to the stage on Wednesday, September 6th, Friday, September 8th, and Saturday, September 9th (matinee performance), with Team Custard picking up the remaining shows of Thursday, September 7th, and Saturday, September 9th (eveningperformance). 

Brought to the theatre by Astravaganza Entertainment, the theatre company has been making waves since it established in 2012. Owner and founder, Liam Glendinning told us why he is so passionate about theatre:

“The company has gained huge recognition as one of the finest and most professional theatre companies in the region since we established 11 years ago, and we’re extremely proud of that.  Oliver is a classic and everyone knows the story, so it will be great for all ages.  We’re extremely excited to be bringing this production to the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, especially since the pandemic, we’ve found that the audiences’ hunger for live theatre shows has tripled, so we’re more than willing to feed that hunger!”

With a track record of over 20 successful productions, Astravaganza Entertainment consistently pushes the boundaries of local talent, elevating it to a professional level, with audiences often left in awe of the high level of production quality and the general professionalism showcased in each performance. 

From mesmerizing musicals to captivating plays, Astravaganza Entertainment has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional theatre experiences that leave a lasting impact on audiences. The company’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to nurturing local talent are attributes which have set them apart in the industry.

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