Navigating Rules And Regulations In Entertainment

Navigating Rules And Regulations In Entertainment

Newcastle has long been home to all kinds of incredible entertainment, a lot of which we manage to feature on the site. There is a large base of creators in the city, but many who are looking to set things up often don’t realise how many rules there are to follow. If you’re looking to start an entertainment service or simply put on a show around Newcastle, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Digital Entertainment

When we talk about digital entertainment, we mean any kind of interactive media that is a permanent fixture. It could be one of the many types of mobile app from the iStore or the Google Play store, or it could be a web application like the slot games you’d find on online casinos. What most don’t realise is how much regulation there is behind each.

For example, apps and the marketing around them are strictly regulated under UK law, not to mention careful vetting and monitoring from the stores themselves. Online casinos are even more carefully controlled, and getting properly licensed and approved to run a gambling site of any kind is a long process with extremely high standards in the UK. However, licences are an essential step in the path to success of a future business, as licensing and authorizations help customers know how to distinguish the legal sites and bonuses from the rogue ones.

Live Entertainment

Whether it’s theatre, music, or any other kind of live performance, there are plenty of regulations in place around hosting any kind of live entertainment. In fact, there are things to consider at every step, from setting up the venue to bringing in catering and services for it, and that’s not including the detailed event plan you’ll need to even get permission in the first place.

Luckily, for Newcastle, the city council provides a detailed checklist of everything you should be doing. In most cases, the local authorities are as eager to get these events going as you are, and they’ll walk you through all the core steps. Remember that your event plan is going to be key; in general, if everything is properly researched for that, then the whole process is easier.

Sporting Events

Sports have a lot in common with live entertainment for the purposes of regulations, as naturally, they share a lot of the features such as refreshments and logistics. However, there are a few items that go above and, apart from those that are strictly the responsibility of the venue itself, you will need to secure some of these things yourself. 

Depending on the scale of the event, first aid and medical staff are going to be required, ideally those specific to sports injuries to cover both the crowd and the competitors. 

Thankfully, there are a number of organisations like St. John’s Ambulance who are often able to provide first aid services to public events if given enough notice. Designated officials for the events may also need to be named and should have some experience or qualification particularly in the case of contact sports.

Due diligence is the key term in all of these, and preparing in advance is better than scrambling to fix something later. Plan, plan and plan some more!

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