New bar ‘El Guapo’ serves 30 different Margaritas, including a Saltburn inspired one

New bar ‘El Guapo’ serves 30 different Margaritas, including a Saltburn inspired one

This World Margarita Day, ‘El Guapo’ has burst onto the scene in the heart of the city, introducing a tequila-fuelled fiesta like never before. With its grand opening on Pilgrim Street, El Guapo has become the master of Margaritas, offering the world’s biggest Margarita menu.

From the classics to the creatives, El Guapo’s menu features an astonishing 30 different Margaritas crafted to cater to every palate. Whether you’re a fan of the timeless Classic or seeking an adventure with the Skittles or Blue Coyote, El Guapo ensures there’s a Margarita for every mood.

But that’s not all – El Guapo is raising the bar with their ‘Newcastle’s Spiciest Margarita,’ ‘Guapo’s Chocolate Orange,’ and the intriguing ‘Jacob Elmargys Bathwater,’ inspired by the recent Netflix success Saltburn and have even crafted their very own ‘Margy Robbie’… everyone’s fave.

El Guapo’s Margarita Menu:

  1. The Classic
  2. Tommy’s
  3. Mezcal
  4. Frozen
  5. Frozen Flavour
  6. Spicy
  7. Smoky
  8. Picante
  9. Newcastle’s Spiciest Margarita
  10. Lagerita
  11. Skittles
  12. Blue Coyote
  13. Santiago Munez
  14. Guapo’s Chocolate Orange
  15. Watermelon
  16. Bubblegum
  17. Midori Marg Sour
  18. Coconuts for Margs
  19. Sangarita? I hardly knew her
  20. Carries Margs
  21. The First Rule of Margs Club
  22. Mexican Pornstar
  23. The Magashians
  24. Margy Robbie
  25. Pablo EscoMarg
  26. Bergamarg
  27. Devils Marg
  28. Make your Margs stronger
  29. Swingers Club
  30. Jacob Elmargys Bathwater

To complement the Margaritas, El Guapo also offers a mouth-watering taco menu, promising a flavourful journey that mirrors the vibrant venue and enhances the lively atmosphere.

Taco Menu: All are served with Guac, sour cream, baby leaf salad and tortilla chips:

  • Vegan Taco: Refried beans, diced avocado, pickled cabbage, coriander salad and lime yoghurt
  • Vegan Taco – Cold: Southwest spiced quinoa, tomato & red pepper salsa and raw onion.
  • Beef Taco: Beef Barbacoa chipotle, pickled red cabbage, lemon yoghurt and hard cheese.
  • Chicken Taco: Lime braised chicken white bean puree, coriander slaw and mango salsa.
  • Lamb Taco: Braised lamb shoulder spiced balsamic reduction, pomegranate, pickled shallots and mint salad.
  • Prawn Taco: Chilli poached king prawns, sweet & sour marinade burn corn salsa, jalapeños and caper dressing

Mike Hesketh, Co-founder of El Guapo, shared the inspiration behind the launch of El Guapo: “Newcastle has such a vibrant spirit that deserves a Margarita experience as bold and diverse as its people. With El Guapo, we aimed to bring the biggest Margarita menu ever! Each concoction is a testament to our passion for pushing the boundaries, from the classic to the downright adventurous, ensuring there’s a Margarita for everyone. We wanted to create an atmosphere where every sip is an adventure, and every flavour packs a punch.”

El Guapo has set the bar high for Margaritas and tacos in Newcastle and promises to deliver an unrivalled experience for Mexican and Margs lovers.

El Guapo officially opened its doors on World Margarita Day, Thursday, February 22, 2024. Join the Margarita revolution and let the tequila-fueled fiesta begin!

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