New Tequila and Margarita Bar Set to Open On World Margarita Day!

New Tequila and Margarita Bar Set to Open On World Margarita Day!

Raise Your Glasses Newcastle, as ‘El Guapo’ shakes things up on Pilgrim Street

Hold on to your sombreros, as a new vibrant Tequila and Margarita-focused bar, ‘El Guapo,’ is set to launch on Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, this February, just in time for World Margarita Day.

Occupying the location currently known as Pepo, El Guapo is set to shake things up in Newcastle’s hospitality scene and transform the city’s Margarita culture with its cheeky charm. Bringing a celebration of Tequila mastery and cocktail craftsmanship, El Guapo will be home to the biggest Margarita menu the world has ever seen!

The tequila-fuelled fiesta plans to ignite the city’s nightlife with its daring concoctions, playful ambience, and commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience. The venue itself will be transformed into a Tequila haven featuring Mexican-inspired artwork and décor that screams rebellion. The ambience, designed to match the bold spirit of the brand, will feature rich, earthy tones mixed with bright, bold colours and rustic furnishings.

The organisers behind the new bar El Guapo shared their excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to bring ‘El Guapo’ to the heart of Newcastle. Prepare for an extraordinary experience celebrating the spirit of agave and all things Tequila, Tacos and, obviously, Margaritas. We have had an amazing 18 months as Pepo, but we’re now ready to explore our new concept harnessing our team’s insane love for agave cocktails, so we set about creating the world’s biggest Margarita – and we can’t wait to sprinkle a large dose of Mexico into our beautiful venue on Pilgrim Street”

Dedicated to delivering exceptional drinks, with a special focus on creating a unique experience, El Guapo will also add an extra dash of mischief with a mouth-watering taco menu, perfectly complementing their drinks. From savoury to spicy, the taco menu promises a flavourful journey that mirrors the vibrant venue and enhances the lively atmosphere.

As masters in Agave, El Guapo’s menu will include a variety of flavours, from spicy to classic and fruity cocktails, crafting a menu where there is something for everyone to enjoy and positioning it as the go-to destination for Margarita, Tequila and Mezcal enthusiasts, as well as those seeking a memorable, vibrant, and unforgettable night out.

Whether you’re looking for a mid-week Marg, late-night date night, catch-up with the girls, a cocktail connoisseur’s tasting experience or seeking the ultimate celebration destination, El Guapo guarantees to deliver the best margaritas and mouth-watering tacos in town.

El Guapo will officially open on World Margarita Day, Thursday, 22nd February 2024.


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