Newcastle's Stolen Match Ball

Newcastle’s Stolen Match Ball

Newcastle’s legendary ‘Match-Ball Mystery’

Could Soon be Solved…

– new evidence may reveal whereabouts of the infamous stolen football –

The truth behind Newcastle’s greatest sporting mystery may about to be revealed, after the discovery of an old diary…

According to the legend, in 1892, the last ever match between Newcastle East and West ended in chaos, when players retuned to the dressing room only to discover that the precious match ball had been stolen. For over a century, the truth behind the story has been much debated… Until now.

An old diary, recently discovered in a dusty cellar, may shed light on the whereabouts of the missing football, and now you’ve got a chance to find it!

This is the premise for the new Mystery Guides™️ adventure that is launching in May, which will transform the city of Newcastle into a giant outdoor escape room. Locals and visitors alike must solve the clues, unravel the story, and finally uncover the whereabouts of the legendary football, which can still be found hidden somewhere in the city…

The adventure takes approximately three hours to complete (including three historic taverns en route) features amazing local history and secret hidden gems, and it’s all contained in a book!

“This is a unique opportunity for Newcastle locals and visitors alike to unravel the amazing history behind the city and its beloved football team” said Jack Wells, founder and CEO of Mystery Guides.

“The football is out there somewhere… and I can’t wait for someone to find it. When they do, they’ll discover an extra hidden twist that I just love!…”

The Mystery of the Match-Ball Burglar is available to order now and is priced at £19.99. Go to:

Whilst the story of the stolen football is fictional, the historical information provided with each clue in the mystery adventure is based on detailed research into true tales and folklore of local characters and events.

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