Party experts reveal what REALLY happens on a stag do – from strippers to phone calls home

Party experts reveal what REALLY happens on a stag do – from strippers to phone calls home

  • Despite their raucous reputation, new data suggests stag parties are pretty tame.
  • Just 15 per cent of stags visited a strip club – and barely any were tied to a lamppost.
  • Yet most grooms admitted to calling their fiancé on every day of the stag.
  • The boss of Geordie stag and hen provider Last Night of Freedom said the research suggests “changing attitudes” towards the British stag weekend.

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SOME people believe a stag do is nothing more than a boozy, X-rated free-for-all.

Now new research has revealed what REALLY takes place on a stag do – and it turns out it is all relatively tame.

A survey of over 800 stags revealed just 15 per cent of groups visited a strip club.

And less two per cent of weekends ended with the groom tied to a lamppost.

The stag survey was carried out by party experts Last Night of Freedom. The Geordie firm has been organising stag and hen weekends since the 1990s, and Managing Director Matt Mavir said the poll suggest “changing attitudes” among younger Brits.

“Once upon a time, stags would drink themselves to a stupor and the groom would spend the weekend living in fear about what cruel prank would be played on him,” said Matt, who has helped organise over 45,000 stag and hen trips.

“But that’s all changed – groups drink a lot less and increasingly the weekend is about bonding rather than humiliation.

“And with the prevalence of mobile phones, it has become almost impossible to get up to mischief behind the bride’s back without someone finding out, so sleazy fun isn’t as high on the agenda these days.”

The cheeky survey also revealed:

  • Just 32 per cent of groups kitted the groom out in fancy dress costumes or stag do t-shirts.
  • 71 per cent of grooms phoned the bride-to-be each day.
  • One in every six stags admitted they were tucked-up in bed before midnight on at least one evening.
  • 22 per cent of grooms remained teetotal throughout the bash.

According to Matt, there’s a growing appetite among younger customers for “less traditional” stag activities.

“Once the weekend was about paintballing and pints, but I think groups are becoming increasingly creative in planning a stag do,” added the businessman.

“There are still a lot of groups who want to stitch the stag up, or embark on a bar crawl, but we are undoubtedly seeing greater variety in what groups want.”

The firm also revealed that the three biggest stag do destinations for British men booking up for a stag do in 2024 are currently Newcastle, Liverpool and Benidorm.

An estimated six millions Brits go on a stag or hen do each year, with around 250,000 couples tying-the-knot.

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