Psychic Sally – 10 Year Anniversary Tour, Whitley Bay Playhouse

Anyone who knows me knows that anything to do with the paranormal, is my thing. I’ve been fascinated with the afterlife since a young age, having had several ‘unexplained’ experiences, dabbled with a Ouija board (silly, I know), visited psychics and recently had my tarot cards read for the first time and was blown away with what I was told.

So last night, I was excited to go along to Psychic Sally on her 10Year Anniversary tour at the Playhouse, Whitley Bay. Although I am a ‘believer’ that some of us are gifted and do indeed hold psychic abilities, I’m also wary as to who and what I believe. I’m aware of charlatans and their use of cold readings, power of persuasion and manipulation.  Therefore, I went along with an open mind. At best Sally could impress me with her abilities and at worse, I was hopefully in for a decent night of entertainment.

We arrived at the theatre and spotted a table in the foyer with two large glass bowls and an invite to put a ‘love letter’ (a question you’d like to ask a loved one who is no longer with us) in one, and/or a photograph of a loved one who had passed, in the other. I wished I’d known this beforehand. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have submitted a photo. Purely because the thought of standing up in a packed theatre and with my face on the screen above the stage is just too anxiety inducing. But my husband said he would have. He did however jot down a question to put inside the bowl.

After telling us a little about herself and explaining she believes she inherited her abilities from her Grandmother, the show didn’t get off to the best start. Sally gave information no one in the audience could relate to. I am wondering now if this was because whoever it did relate to, wasn’t keen to stand up first. Sally moved on as another spirit came through, and a gentleman and his partner stood up.  Everything Sally then went on to describe, the couple could make a connection with. Sally was giving names.  Not just one name, but 3,4,5 names, and all of those connecting to the couple. Names of both parents, siblings and grandparents. Too many names to call a coincidence.

Sally knew details about audience members which could not possibly be guess work. There was no generic ‘I have a Bill here who’s pointing at his back. Who knew a Bill with a bad back’? Which I have seen before with another well known ‘psychics’. And no fishing for information. Sallys’ information was detailed. She knew a lady coming through from the spirit world to connect with a close friend in the audience, had twins. She knew the gender, and names of those twins. She knew significant dates, occupations, names of pets (a couple quite bazaar). She knew one audience member had a selection of photos stored in a suitcase under her bed and had a spirit express their annoyance at theirs not being amongst them. And she was spot on.

At one point, Sally mentioned she had a lady with her named Jean, who was a keen golfer. But another spirit came through quickly, so she moved on. My husbands Nana was called Jean and a very keen golfer. Only he didn’t raise his hand quick enough and I really wish he did as we’d have loved to have heard more.

As Sally was ending her ‘message’ with one lady, she said she was hearing the word ‘tube’. Unable to relate, Sally then walked over to the jar of photos, and randomly took one out. The photo of a young girl with a baby was then shown on the screen above the stage.

The lady who the photograph belonged to, then stood up. Sally asked why she was hearing the word ‘tube’? The boy in the photo, the ladies son, sadly took his own life in a London tube station. Sally then went on name the boy, a year and month which held significance, and named a close family friend helping the mum through the grief. I’d be interested to hear a sceptic explain that. I think everyone in the audience would be. And with that very comforting message to the mum that her son is with her all time, the show came to an end.

Whether you believe in psychic powers or not, at least 15 members of the audience left with messages from loved ones, and perhaps even a little bit of much needed closure. And that for me can only be a good thing.

There will always be criticism for those who seek conform from a medium and those who give it for cash. But sometimes, we just need a little help in life. A few words of reassurance and guidance to possibly move on, or just relieve some of the grief. Sally Morgan is warm, gentle, she’s respectful, and she does this just perfectly. A fabulous night and I will definitely go again.

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