THE NORTH East’s biggest scream park is challenging horror fans to go it alone this year, with four new fears in one. 

Psycho Path organisers have announced yet another new attraction for thrill seekers heading to Lintz Hall Farm, near Burnopfield, when the event returns in October.

And while many of the event’s scares can be braved with friends, Isolation is one that has to be faced alone.

Horror fans will choose to venture through one of four doors – each with unknown terrors lurking on the other side.

With multiple doors to choose from, those brave enough to venture in more than once will be able to test their limits on up to four new scares, which are themed around a myriad of phobias.

Isolation isn’t the only new scare this year, with organisers also recently revealing plans for Corn-ered – a huge, home-grown corn maze set across 2.5 acres with nightmarish creatures lurking within its walls. 

Elsewhere on the site, those brave enough to enter Psycho City will be able to enjoy a terrifying new route and frightful funhouse iScream will terrorise visitors indoors. 

All of the scares feed off from main barn, Stage Fright, which will also be home to live performances and a wide variety of street food and drink vendors.

Christiano Crawford of 700 Acres Ltd, which organises Psycho Path, believes Isolation is like nothing the event has staged before.

“While it’s one new attraction, the fact that horror fans can go through Isolation multiple times and face a totally different path every time means that we’re actually giving them four more opportunities to face their fears,” he said.

“Each of the scares behind the doors of Isolation would be terrifying enough on their own, but having to go through it alone creates another level to the experience and we can’t wait to see how people react.

“After having to take a break from staging the event last year, we really wanted to return with something special and I’m confident this year’s scream park will exceed everyone’s expectations.”

Tickets start at £23 and any children aged 13 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. To book, visit

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