Psychopath 2023 Review

Psychopath 2023 Review

What is it about being jumped out on? Working through dark tunnels or entering the unknown that keeps us coming back for more even when given the fright of our lives? Maybe Psychopath is an accurate description of those that continue to return to this experience! However if it’s one thing I do know is that Psychopath is one of the events I look forward to each year.

Psychopath 2023 is now well underway providing plenty of scares after its first week being open to the public this year. I remember first attending this in 2018 and being put into the back of a van and driven to a field for what now is Corn-ered. Since then the event has improved, scaled hugely and added to, and become the the best scream park in the uk and is unrecognisable from its early beginnings.  

Having visited this Halloween season I can say is this year its at its biggest and scariest yet! 2023 they have almost doubled what’s on offer in terms of experiences with this years additions being The Hunt, Crawl Space and the live immersive theatre performance Doll House. I’ll let you experience them to really know what they’re like. But shhh..don’t tell your friends.

You can’t beat a classic either and yet again I put myself through my favourite terrifying maze, I Scream. I love the new addition of Psycho Vision at the end that lets you see your real time reactions as you made your way through it! 

Thunder Dome has an additional expense of £2 so be prepared but I have to say this was one of the funnest experiences but be prepared to be shocked literally.

Cutthroat Island, last years addition has become a huge favourite already too as you make your way through the pirate ship full of different levels, nooks and tunnels with a motley crew to guide you through. Psycho City, Corn-ered and Isolation are also just as scary for all the wrong reasons. 

Psycho Cinema was a new one for this year that we enjoyed also, bringing a short horror film hosted by the resident scare actor. 

Live entertainment also features throughout and for the moments when you need a break or those it may have got too much for you can sit and watch the wonderful acts that get the adrenaline pumping again without the scares.

Organisers have also introduced the all new Blood Bath Bar a well as the regular Wolf Bar and a new RIP VIP terrace where you can catch the best views of the stage. Top food traders are m in evidence once again with plenty of options available for whatever you may like.

The site also has a number of insta spots for taking horrific pictures as a ghastly, ghostly reminder of the evening.

To say credit goes to the creative team behind this is an understatement. This is immersive theatre at its best. You enter detailed worlds. You live every single thrill and scream. The scare actors are as committed as anyone and truly take on their roles to provide the most entertaining and scary moments you’ll go through that get your heart pumping.

If you dare try, Pyscho Path 2023 runs every Friday and Saturday night until 28 October. It will then run from Sunday October 29 to Tuesday October 31.

This year there will also be two family friendly events – which includes the return of the popular Family Fright Fest and Pumpkin Patch, where youngsters can pick their own pumpkin and enjoy a range of other entertainment.

Tickets are now on sale at

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