Remembering the Movies

Everyone has that song from a movie that takes them back to moment in their life or to a memory they don’t ever want to forget. 

Remembering the Movies is all about doing that, remembering how music from and within films can make us feel, the places that it can take us and how we can say thank you to the Golden Age of Hollywood for influencing the here and now when it comes to movies and musicals.

Strictly’s very own Aljaz and Jenette bring their brand-new show to the stage. From the very beginning of the show you know you’re in for a star-studded show. 

The glitz and glam are shown throughout with the costumes being extremely detailed, the staging creating an atmosphere that can be only made on the stage, the cast performing stunning danceroutines and the singers belting out tunes that only the best can sing.

Aljaz and Jenette are extremely funny and the parts where they talk about where the ideas for certain sections came from you see the fun they have had putting this production together. 

They talk about why certain songs were chosen, why certain cast members were selected and have a lot of banter with the crowd which is why you can tell it was a sold-out show. 

The show starts with The Greatest Showman which you can only imagine was amazing and just the beginning of an amazing show. The show takes us through different eras of cinema and showing the different styles of dance demonstrate that even with time, dance can and still is timeless. 

The show looks at 4 main themes with legendary leading men, legendary leading ladies, love songs and the comeback of musicals.  All the singing is done live, and the production is a feast for your eyes and ears!

The flow of the show is smooth and makes you want more after the first half. Each section of the show transports you to a time and place in cinema history that makes you just want to tap your feet or watch in amazement.

The staging includes a screen which is used rather cleverly throughout the production with small videos playing on their own to fill the time between costume changes but is also incorporated in to some of the dances. 

I think my favourite part where the digital art and traditional dance is used together is the James Bond section. 

There was a lot of highlights but my main two were the legendary women section where they used one movie ‘A Star is Born’ and showed it from three different styles looking at Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Streisand and Lady Gaga versions and selecting dance style to illustrate just how 3 amazing ladies made history with one movie. 

Within the love section of the production Aljaz and Jennette dance together to one of the instrumental scenes from Romeo and Juliet. When you watch it, you see the intense love they have for each other and just how much that dance brings them together. They talk about this dance being the hardest dance for them to do as they want to give it the justice it deserves, and I won’t lie they don’t let it down as it’s beautiful and you can’t take your eyes of the stage. 

The show is outstanding and is definitely one of the best dances shows I’ve seen if not the best. I recommend going to see this and even if you’re not into dance its worth going to see as the music choice is amazing.

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