Review: Aladdin Pantomime at The Customs House

Review: Aladdin Pantomime at The Customs House

Review: Aladdin at The Customs House

Guest post By Gemma Hirst

Nothing says Christmas like Pantomime, so off I flew, on my magic carpet to see Aladdin at The Customs House.

Dame Bella, her son Aladdin, and herhapless nephew Dennis, work hard to make a living at the Cooksonville Laundry… But Aladdin getstricked by his wicked uncle Abanazar into descending

into the magical Cave of Wonders. The journey causes chaos and mayhem for the little family whoquickly find themselves in a world of magic carpets and a spell-binding Genie of the Lamp.

This panto immediately sets the tone of enchantment and wizadry as we are greeted by the Sprit of the Ring. Played by Shelley Nicholson, they fly across the stage, slithering around a silver hoop in mid air whilst still managing to sing beautifully.

It’s a fast paced show that doesn’t mess around in introducing the rest of characters to the audience. As they all perform the song Hello from the Book of Mormon the musical we get to know who is who.

We are taken to whole new worlds such as the Sand Dunes, Abanazar’s lair, Bella’s Bubbles and many more. Created by Alfie Joey (who also plays Emperor Saveloy the Dipped ) the set designs are colourful and full of character as they add depth and imagination to the story.

There is nothing like a dame when it comes to panto and Ray Spencer certainly knows how to put on a show. Dame Bella had many costume changes and looked goregous in every outfit, providing wit, humour with a touch of South Shields class, thier comedy timing was spot on. If you want a masterclass for the perfect panto dame-look no futher than Ray Spence.

If you are looking for a lesson in how to perform family friendly comedy in a panto then look no further than Glen Richard Townsend playing Cousin Dennis in Aladdin, I aliken them to children’s tv character, Mr Tumble. Full of energy, thier enthusiasm is infectious. 

I couldn’t help but love Abanazar, Steven Lee Hamilton brought a camp yet evil energy to the show. With vocals of West End quality, they weren’t afraid to wop out a power balad or a pop princess number- I was blown away by thier voice.

The costume department, Naomi Daley and Kate Collins did a stunning job on the tailoring and craftsmanship of all the costumes.

This panto is fun for all the family, with jokes for both the adults and the kids to understand. You can expect real magic and entertainment at Aladdin at The Customs House.

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