Review: Beabadoobee at NX Newcastle

Review: Beabadoobee at NX Newcastle

Review by Suzanne Whelan

It’s my first visit to NX Newcastle. NX is Newcastle’s newest music venue and resides on the old O2 Academy site which I have been to so many times in the past. 

From the outside, foyer and steps it’s hard to see where the 1.5 – 2.7 million revamp (the figure varies on what article you read) has taken place as in these areas it looks like little has changed other than a lick of paint and a name change.

It’s only when you get into the venue you can see the difference. There are now multi levels which I love as it genuinely feels that the line of sight and experience for all has been considered. 

The floor has been refigured so the audience is even closer to the stage than before and I didn’t think that was possible.

The sound system is also amazing and I can’t wait for a DJ night as I feel this is when it’s most tested. A private area with booth seating is also in place. This venue has an intimacy about it despite its ability to accommodate 1,500 during live music events and 2,000 on club nights. 

I love that even though there have been significant changes the ornate ceiling of the once cinema has been kept.

Beabadoobee is a new act to me as each time my partner comes back from Glastonbury he introduces me to new acts that he listened to and knows I will appreciate too. That’s how my love for Rebecca Lucy Taylor of Self Esteem was born so absolutely no pressure on either Beabadoobee tonight or Holly Humberstone in November who is also playing at NX.

We were definitely punching above the average age of the audience to see 22 year old Beatrice Kristi Laus known professionally as Beabadoobee bee-buh-DOO-bee, a Filipino British singer songwriter but good music is good music and I love that I get to see it so close to my home.

We started up watching from afar and couldn’t believe the audience with their phones in the air watching through that rather then directly at the lady herself BUT we witnessed the power Beabadoobeehad with her fans, owning the stage immediately. She had the ability to silence and get everyone to bend down in a flick of her hand to then jump up.

Her smile was amazing and each and every song felt special and Beabadoobee had a true connection with her audience. At times she seemed quite shy and that made her even more endearing.

We too then decided to push further to the front to feel more part of it and that we did. Every guitar change beheld, her band amazing and lead guitarist Eliana exceptional.

I was new to the majority of the music but the two songs I know were kept to near the end and were played acoustically. ‘Coffee’ made me smile 

This was a really good night in a venue that I love, music outstanding and atmosphere sublime. I was happy to be 46 in an audience of mainly 20 year olds.

Thank you to Dominic Madden and the rest of the team behind NX for bringing this brilliant music venue back to Newcastle.

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