Review: Eddie Reader - Sage Gateshead

Review: Eddie Reader – Sage Gateshead

Eddi Reader at Stage 2 Sage Gateshead

24 September 2022 – Support by Jill Jackson 

Review by Suzanne Whelan

It’s Got To Be Perfect, when it’s an evening with Eddi Reader and it was pretty darn good. Stage 1 was occupied by Don McLean so we headed for the more intimate stage 2. 

Eddi has been playing and singing for way longer than the 40 year tour suggests (confirmed by the lady herself) and her natural connection with the audience is testament to this.

Eddi loves to tell a story and the audience loved to listen. Within the audience there were some ardent fans or like me, never seen Reader live and only owns one CD -simply titled ‘Eddi Reader’. This album was released in 1994 (my first year at university) and Patience of Angels was, and always will be on the soundtrack of my years. To have it’swriter, Boo Hewerdine on stage was amazing as I am in awe of his talent.

As well as Hewerdine, John Douglas, Kevin McGuire, Alan Kelly and Jill Jackson featured on stage, each taking it in turn to showcase via their musical instruments, voice or indeed both.

I listened intensely to, Dragonflies, Charlie Is My Darling,Baby’s Boat, an ode to letting her child be free, Bravo Pour Le Clown, a nod to Édith Piaf and Wild Mountainside penned by Eddi’s husband. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the range and clarity of her voice.

The final song of the night following, Perfect was, Moon River. This interpretation was acted out embodying the memories of her mum Jean partying at her home when she was little. The rendition was a lovely ending to the night. 

A simple good night from Eddi and her bandmates – no encore just a wave goodbye.

First on stage was Jill Jackson. We only got four songs from this lovely lady as her stories between songs were fun, playful and elongated.

‘Are We There Yet’, is a fun reworded version of Buddy Holly’s and Sweet Lullaby was beautiful. Apologies I didn’t capture the other names but really liked them too.

Jill’s humour and vocal talents were new to me and I can’t wait to get to know the artist more.

All in all a really good night.

4 out of 5

Before the night I tweeted about attending, Jill Responded and I loved that Eddi and her continued a little conversation in the replies.

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