Review: Knit Wits at The Stand Comedy Club Newcastle

Review: Knit Wits at The Stand Comedy Club Newcastle

Knit Wits

The Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle upon Tyne

28th June 2024

It is well worth signing up to The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle because what could be better as a precursor to a grand night out in Newcastle than some quality comedy in a lovely quaint venue. I love coming to The Stand. At street level, is a bar/café and judging by some of the delicious smells coming from the kitchen, some delicious bar food and snack to wash down with a wide variety of ales and lagers and a top shelf bulging with spirits and drinks to delight every palate. 

It is downstairs that I find the most amazing entertainment the country let alone the city has to offer. I have been here a number of times as seen well established comedians working the circuit along with the superb Red Raw events where anyone can get on the stage and give stand up a try. 

This afternoon, I was enthralled by the first performance of a new variety comedy act collectively known as ‘Knit Wits’ starring Psychic Stu, Connor Read, and Harry Ford. Connor mentioned that it was an event to try out new material but if this is the precursor to even better things then I have no hesitation in telling everyone to keep an eye out for the future performances because the whole audience were right with them all straight from the opening. 

I have seen Psychic Stu before and his irreverent character is deliciously self-centred and as coarse as he is incompetent as the medium he purports to be. It’s a fabulous routine as an opening because his timing is outstanding and the stop start abuse of the audience really warms them up for what is to follow. 

Connor Read is up next and again, I have seen this young comedian before. In fact, my previous review of him even gets a mention in this new routine which has lost none of Connor’s endearing Northern and deliciously queer charm. There is a beguiling innocence about his routine which he uses to its full advantage before dropping the occasional curveball to jolt the audience. This particular routine is dedicated to some of his heroes of comedy and I have to say that there are elements of all of them in his comedy – long may they live within him. I cannot wait to see the heights to which Connor will rise in the field of stand up comedy and writing because even with his undoubted likeness to Princess Diana from the back, he is very much with us and sharing his comedy. This playful and frolicking Puck of the comedy world is one to watch now and in the future. 

After the break we were treated to a masterclass of autobiographical comedy from another young comic, Harry Ford, who welcomed us into a wonderful journey from meeting his now wife, through asking his prospective family-in-law for the hand of their daughter, a novel stag party and the eventual nuptials which was told against the backdrop of a very oceanic cyclorama of linguistic talent. If you cannot work out what I am talking about, you will have to catch this show in the future. I do now know the Portuguese for ‘willy’ which may prove useful should the matter arise. 

Harry’s comedy is thoroughly engaging and shows a maturity and talent far beyond his years. I was gripped by his story from the moment he walked onto the stage to his understated departure and the huge round of applause suggests that the crowd in this intimate venue agreed with me. 

The whole event was carefully crafted to appeal to everyone in this diverse audience at The Stand Comedy Club this evening and much praise has to go to all the comedians who played their part in a wonderful comedy cabaret that offered thoughtful and well-written comedy, excellent story telling, some well placed smut, and even a little language tuition. Very well done to Stu, Connor and Harry and I really hope that I will see you all again in the very near future.  

Reviewed by Stephen Stokoe.
* Tickets purchased to attend this show

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