Review: Night Of The Divas Bongos Bingo at Boilershop

Review: Night Of The Divas Bongos Bingo at Boilershop

Bongo’s Bingo: Night of the Divas – Friday 16th June 

If you want a night full of Bingo, Rave, Cheesy Singalongs, Dance Offs, Sick Prizes and Cash Cash Money Bongo’s Bingo promises to give you just that! They have shows all across the UK and their resident host Micky Pickles – @mickypickles11 is there to host you one of the best nights out in the UK. It has gone from strength to strength and is often sold out very quickly so definitely worth keeping an eye out for when they announce new dates! 

Bongo’s Bingo is always such an insanely hilarious night and is still going strong here in our very own Boiler Shop, Newcastle. This is not the first time I have visited either a Bongo’s Bingo event or the Boiler Shop. I adore the unique, warehouse feel of the Boiler Shop but just a word of advice – the busier it gets, the hotter it gets – just consider your outfit if you get warm like me. Doors open at 6pm and the first game kicks off at 8pm- plenty of time to have a catch up, a few drinks and a little boogie before the game begins. I advise getting in early to secure a good seat too! 

Boiler Shop is a huge venue very centrally located in Newcastle just behind the Train Station – only a ten minute walk. For Bongo’s they have it set up with rows of benches which of course, if you’ve ever visited, you will know those benches are for dancing on.

They often have different themed nights and we got to experience Night of the Divas! It was just that! Whitney, Madonna, Cher, Rihanna, Celine, Dolly and Queen Bey just to name a few of the iconic anthems we got to party to last night. This night was definitely all about female empowerment and I adored seeing all of the fancy dress groups dressed as the different Diva’s – truly iconic. This didn’t stop the Stag Do’s from getting involved though- I particularly loved watching one whole Stag Do belt out Let it Go from Frozen. Hilarious!

It was nice they kept some of their traditional go to’s in there too for those who have been before- all the threes – 33- ready for an Irish Jig! I am also a HUGE fan of the 8 and 7 chants and I’m sure Micky Pickles was eyeing me up for a job after the show as I SEVEEEEN’d all night long! Or maybe he was worried I was coming for his gig! 

Currently, Night of the Divas is still running across the UK and they have their 8th Birthday Party in September at Liverpool Exhibition Centre with Craig David performing! Some of their previous events included the 90s tour, back to the 80s, Eurovision, ABBA and Queen inspired nights and Disco Inferno. They are always coming up with new, innovative ways to keep this Bingo exciting and I did feel like I was at a totally new event last night even though I’ve visited multiple times previously. 

Drinks wise, they have a whole host of different options available but I won’t lie the drinks can be on the pricey side depending on your option. We stuck with the safe bet of a pitcher of Cider but that’s going to set you back around £21.00 – we managed to get 5 pints out of it so if you look at it that way it works out around £4.00 a pint! They have offers on where you can buy 4 cans for £18.50 too. They also have wine, prosecco and spirits alongside a whole host of soft drinks too for those non drinkers! They also serve Rollover Hotdogs which actually looked really tasty and the Hen Party next to us got stuck right into them! 

Micky Pickles is an amazing host and keeps the party going all night long! He is hilarious and has such great audience participation going on. His sidekicks, the half sexily dressed men, were also brilliant, busting out the best dance moves all night. One of them actually death dropped into the splits and I was slightly concerned for his well-being but he bounced right back up and partied on. 

It is true that Bongo’s Bingo has the best prizes too. From the iconic Henry the Hoover to the Wacky Waving Machine the prizes are totally hilarious and get the audience going every time! It’s so funny watching the winners walk out with their huge prizes too! Hopefully, most of them were heading straight home and not on a night out around the toon. I don’t know how many places would let you in with six life size cardboard cutout divas?! 

Eyes down and it’s time to start your game of Bingo, pausing for dance breaks throughout, you are truly never bored. I love it when there are two winners on the cash prize as we are able to witness the ultimate dance offs! We got to see two last night and one of them was certainly X Rated – so if you’re not into that kind of thing think carefully before coming to Bongo’s Bingo! 

This really is a perfect evening for any party, hen and stag dos, birthdays or even just a fun night! You will leave this event feeling full of joy and happiness and get the buzz for wanting to return again! Just be prepared to be covered in Confetti from the cannons and maybe even Coco Pops… always so random! 

Thanks for another brilliant night! I’ll be returning soon I can guarantee!

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