Review: Queenz at Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Review: Queenz at Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Queenz The Show with Balls took to the stage in Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and Opera House last night and promised to fill our evening with fun, laughter, sickening dance routines and brilliant vocals and boy, it did not disappoint. The audience was packed and the excitement was palpable in the room as the tunes blasted through the speakers creating the perfect party atmosphere. The show started a little later than promised as the bar queues were long but I don’t mind the wait as people have paid good money to see the show. The voice of Billie Eyelash blasted over the speakers as the show began to introduce the night ahead. She told us to buckle up for a bumpy, exciting ride and to get out our bottles of Lambrini. The comedy element started from the off and I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I didn’t know whether it would be a little gimmicky or whether the queens would be singing live. 

The girls took to the stage, which was adorned with bright pink lights that would give Barbie a run for her money and straight away Bella Du Balle took the stage and commanded the attention of the audience with her insane vocals. Smoke machines filled the whole room and dazzling blue strobe lights as the show began with the iconic Lady Gaga number Born This Way. For the first number of a show to be this good was just immense… you could just tell these queens meant business. 

During the first number we were introduced to all of the queens and this gave us a real insight into their individual identities from the off from the sweet and flirty Candy Caned, to the incredibly elegant and rich Dior Monte, to the cheeky and outrageous Billie Eyelash, to the gender bending, high energy Zeze Van Cartier to the final queen Bella who was definitely our mature, sing the house down boots kinda gal. I loved this getting to know section as it allowed us to fall in love with their characters as individuals. 

The choreography throughout was high energy, slick and dynamic as they filled every inch of the stage with difficult routines packed with kicks, flips and all of our favourite drag queen moves such as death drops and walking that duck. I was impressed with how every queen made that choreography their own whilst also keeping time with one another. Bravo to whoever choreographed this show as it really let each queen shine in their own light. 

The beautiful Dior Monte roasted the audience during the first half and had amazing and witty interaction with audience members, especially poor Sarah and her leopard print blouse. They also got audience member Dale up on stage to deliver a hilarious skit and I think they chose just the right person as he had the whole audience roaring with laughter. I love it when they manage to pick out the good sport in the audience. 

The queens then delivered banger after banger in the first half with a Beyoncé and Marilyn tribute where they wowed us with their vocals and chairography. This was shortly followed by an iconic tribute to the ultimate girl band, Spice Girls. 

To end act one we got to see one of the best acts I’ve seen in a long time! 20 musicals packed into 7 minutes with the lyrics rewritten to fit the drag theme. We’re talking tucks, tackle and sex all mixed into some of your favourite musicals from Chicago to Mary Poppins, from The Lion King to Wicked – truly show stopping with the most beautiful riffs, harmonies and killer falsetto notes. It’s easy to forget that these drag queens are fully tucked, corseted and wearing 7 inch heels whilst they are performing so effortlessly. Woe betide anyone who thinks these queens are lip syncing by the way as they proved a point at the end of the first half with their big belting notes which would put many a west end actor to shame. 

Once again, due to the big bar queues our second half was delayed but as the second act started the queens stomped their way through the audience to deliver their first sexy, sultry number of Power by Little Mix and Bang Bang by Jessie J- two iconic songs. I really loved how they did so many compilations of tracks throughout the whole show as it kept it fresh and upbeat. So cleverly written and superbly performed. The costuming in this number was incredible in their matching black and red sexy biker outfits. The costumes throughout were everything you could have asked for- embellished with feathers, fringing and all encrusted with rhinestones. Heavenly! They all fit the queen’s styles perfectly and fit them like a glove. The hair and makeup was also perfect- no dodgy hairlines clocked from my seat that’s for sure. 

In the second half, we got to see the queens taking to the stage individually and they performed numbers which suited their own styles with Candy Caned performing Britney Spears, Billie Eyelash performing some iconic Cher numbers and Zeze Van Cartier belting out Holding out for a Hero with the most killer high kicks. I don’t like to pick favourites often but the stand out of the show for me had to be Dior Monte’s version of Never Enough. It was truly faultless and she totally made it her own. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing up at some of those endnotes.

Throughout the show, we got to see the wonderful sixth member of the girl band Jason who just brought so much fun and light to his scenes particularly his section with Bella Du Balle and the comedy piano skit. He was actually a really beautiful dancer and you could tell he loved to steal the show. A terrific job. 

As we were drawing to the end, the queens brought the party with a terrific Salsa/ Zumba medley of Let’s Get Loud, Wherever Whenever and Hips Don’t Lie and this got the crowd up on their feet dancing in the aisles. The crowd we’re going wild and it was so wonderful to see everyone having so much fun! After this explosion of energy they brought us back down with their unofficial show anthem which they always sing and did the most wonderful speech about kindness and acceptance. They spoke about letting people be who they want and this resonated with so many of the audience members. They delivered True Colours with such sincerity and companionship alongside tremendous harmonies and this was such a wonderful way to almost bring the show to a close. 

For our finale we were able to witness a glorious mash up of I’m Still Breathing, Don’t Lose who You Are and This is Me which showcased all of their incredible singing voices beautifully for one last time. Candy Caned’s rap through this song was so powerful and she absolutely smashed it. A perfect end to a truly entertaining evening. 

They have a brand new show coming out in the Autumn which is Disco themed so I’m certain this is not the last we will hear from these queens. 

This show truly isn’t one to be missed. As they said Life is for Living and Love if for Giving and they truly made us all feel alive, entertained and happy as we left the Tyne Theatre. Sensational vocals and dynamic dancing- I cannot wait to see these girls again.

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