Review: Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac at The Glasshouse Gateshead

Review: Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac at The Glasshouse Gateshead

The rumours were true as the Glasshouse rocked this bank holiday weekend gone with the music of Fleetwood Mac.

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac arrived for two nights this year, no doubt to huge demand for their shows, both of which had sold out here.

This extraordinary ensemble capture the magic and mystique of one of the world’s most iconic rock bands. The music takes you back to an era where legends were made. Through meticulous attention to detail, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac faithfully recreate the electrifying performances, timeless hits, and the legendary atmosphere of Fleetwood Mac. 

The staging is simple and hasn’t changed in the few years I’ve seen them now with strips hanging down the back of the stage to later show video and images.

Their dedication and passion ensure that every note, harmony, and rhythm and sound resonates with authenticity, offering an unforgettable journey through the rich musical legacy of Fleetwood Mac. The precision of synchronicity is great, as you can watch them sing in total sync with the video that is playing in the background. 

We were treated to a 27 song set list split over two parts. Classic hits like ‘Dreams’, ‘The Chain’, ‘Little Lies’, ‘Go your own way’, and ‘Rhiannon’ were all on show. A slightly quiet audience first half turned into a full on dancing one come the second interval. 

Growing up I only really knew the Fleetwood Mac as their modern form, so it’s good to see the band remember its roots and has a dedicated section to Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, for we are reminded as a founding member the band may never have existed without him. ‘Albatross’ is a song synonymous with its sound also played. 

Sophie Worsley rendition of ‘Songbird’ was emotive and passionate. I loved her energy throughout the show, stretching across two sets of keyboards and was happy to take some large sunglasses on as an audience member chucked them at her late on in the show. I was also sat two seats down from her mother who had declared just how proud she was of her!  Wonderful Christine McVeigh. 

James Harrison was also fabulous on vocals as well as the Guitar. He has many moments and I really enjoyed ‘Go your own way’. His guitar skills are second to none and is enjoyable to watch. 

Dave Goldberg just looks and sounds like someone who has lived the rockstar life and taking on the Peter Green section of the show he likes to remind the audience of who was and wasn’t around in 1969. Fantastic renditions followed with The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) and Black Magic Woman with Albatross inbetween. 

More than ably supported by Etienne Girard on Bass Guitar and Scott Poley on Guitars and Allan Cosgrove are the unsung heroes also. These skilled musicians more than contribute and deliver in their parts of the band. Cosgrove gets a moment near the end also with a wonderful little drum solo that ends in raucous applause. 

Now..Jess Harwood. Lead Singer and my star of the show. I’ve seen Jess in the classic rock show also and she is absolutely fantastic. Her authenticity is wonderful from movement and mannerisms and her voice is as authentic as the Stevie Nicks.

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac for me are the closest you will get to reliving and seeing this band. They have the nod of approval from Mick Fleetwood who introduced them at the start of the show also via video. So if he’s doing that they can’t be bad! 

I’m so glad they were here for two nights but there’ll not be enough time for everyone that wants to see them do so. I’m already seeking out next years dates with excitement. 

Review by Aaron Whittington

*we were provided press access for this show

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