Review: Sam Ryder at O2 City Hall Newcastle

Review: Sam Ryder at O2 City Hall Newcastle

SAM = Simply Amazing MAN – A review of Sam Ryder at 02’s Newcastle City Hall

There is definitely more than one Sam welcome in the North East.

Meeting and greeting his fans in the line, lapping the City Hall made everyone happy. Alas I wasn’t able to witness this first hand but friends were in the queue and loved this, and Sam’s appeal is multi-generational.

I arrived at 21:00. The building was full, and the stalls were heaving. The cheerful outlook in the room truly palpable. I stood near the back as it seemed a bit rude to push my way to the front.

First on stage were a guitarist and drummer. Then the man himself with his signature flowing locks and sequined sparkly ensemble. His audience repaid his pre-gig love by erupting and fully welcoming Sam on stage. Loud applause and lots of whooping punctuated the evening.

The vocal range was impressive but never cocky or too confident. He was all about audience participation. He had the ability to mould us getting everyone involved whenever he felt it befitted.

With each song came a story and they were so so heartfelt. I had a soft spot for, ‘All The Way Over’, a definite song about heartbreak.

We were taught one of Sam’s too, ‘Mountain’. This track was beautiful, “in the valley below is all that I’ve overcome” really made me think. 

Despite being known from Tik Tok before his enormous rise to fame via the Eurovision Song Contest the only songs I knew prior to the night was Space Man and Living Without You, or so I thought. Whilst not a Sam Ryder original he pulled off an amazing Candi Staton, ‘Show Me The Love’ rendition which everyone sang along too, especially us generation X’s

Sam Ryder appeared so very comfortable in his performance skin. Genuinely humbled with the love in the room all directed at him and his ability. His vocal range was impressive, holding notes whilst launching himself form one part of the stage to the other. 

Upon his final note no one seemed like they wanted to leave. Everyone was scanning the QR code on the flyer given out preshow and the queue to the merchandise stand was impressively out of the building and around the corner.

Would I go and see Sam again? That would be a big fat YES from me because he left me feeling really good about other humans and music too. His boundless enthusiasm intoxicating. 

Thank you for just being you and doing what you love. You are an absolute blessing.

Review by Suzanne Whelan (Gifted Tickets)

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