Review: The Rocky Horror Show at Newcastle Theatre Royal

Review: The Rocky Horror Show at Newcastle Theatre Royal

Rocky Horror Show Review 15.11.2022

A Guest Review by Suzanne Whelan

Frank(ly) my dear I do give a damn about the performance of the cast and the audience of the show at Theatre Royal of the World Tour of the legendary, rock and roll musical that is Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show.

There was a flurry of excitement and an expectation in the air for this iconic show. So many people dressed up, I sadly wasn’t one of them. 

Apparently, I was a ‘virgin’ as this was my first experience of this stage performance and at times, I felt like one i.e. not sure what was going on, at times a bit fearful and at others euphoric.

Stephen Webb played Frank N Furter and was brilliant in his undertaking of the roll and took on many of the Tim Rice nuances. The crowd were in awe and oh my I wished I looked that good in a corset and heels. At times the accent kept slipping but as it was opening night, I’ll let SW off.

Haley Flaherty and Richard Meek paired as Brad and Janet were excellent in their roles. I loved Richard’s solos as well as the bed scene with Frank played equally as well by Haley too.

What about the man, the boy, the invention that is Rocky played by Ben Westhead. Well, the acting was a little stiff, but I think this is on purpose. I enjoyed his ‘performance’ a lot.

Darcy Finden as Columbia was delightful. She reminded me of Jane Horrocks in her Little Voice role (this is a massive complement in case you don’t take it as one).

Riff Raff played by Kristen Lavercombe did a great job, there can only be one Richard Obrien and they are hard boots to fill.

Suzie McAdam what a voice, what an actress playing Magenta and the usherette. 

My actor of the night most definitely goes to Jackie Clune who played the narrator. Her witty comebacks were nothing but ingenious. Long live her labia (this would make sense if you attended on the 15th of November)

Well, my virgin sticker has well and truly been ripped off and I’m looking forward to the next time as enjoyment does come with experience….

A strong 4 for this (out of 5)

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