Review: Tuesday by Alison Carr at The People’s Theatre

Review: Tuesday by Alison Carr at The People’s Theatre

Tonight we have been invited down to The People’s Theatre to see Tuesday by Alison Carr.

The People’s Theatre operates out of a converted 19th-century church building that includes a main auditorium, a smaller studio theatre, and a bar area. The theatre puts on multiple productions each year, ranging from Shakespearean classics to modern plays and musicals. The company is known for its high standards of production, with experienced directors, designers, and technical staff working alongside a large and dedicated team of actors and backstage crew.

In addition to its main productions, the People’s Theatre runs a range of other activities and events. These include a youth theatre program for ages 11-17 year olds. They run regular term-time drama workshops every Thursday evening 6pm – 8pm to improvise, rehearse, play theatre games and discover more about all aspects of theatre. Staging three to four productions each year, giving all their members the opportunity to participate both on and off stage. 

Tonight it is these young actors that took centre stage and perform until the 25th February.

We are introduced to the cast with a figure of eight rotation of cast marching along. Describing the run of the mill morning and same old mundane class routine they go through at Lane End School. Voices shout out from different angles and sides of the stage, drawing your attention from left to right and back again until then suddenly the sky rips open in the sky and universes merge as these classmates come face to face with mirror versions of themselves. 

A ‘them’ and ‘us’ attitude and separation occurs  whilst they work out how to get back to where each is supposed to be. Can either trust each other and come together to help solve this anomaly. 

Through this journey of thoughts, we get to see actions and the reaction to those. For every choice we make another is reflected in a parallel universe creating another version of us. A good version, a naughtier version, someone else’s sister, nice and not so nice and those that no longer share the same world. With some in depth thinking along the way we see if these invaders that slipped through the crack in the floor can adapt to the new world they inhabit and find a way to return. 

Upon the meeting of those from each world, we see these characters find new parts of themselves they never knew existed, new ways of thinking, an opportunity for reflection, acceptance of loss and to change the habits of old. 

Seeing this company was quite a pleasure tonight. Theatre isn’t about huge staging and effects, and this youth production perform with a near bare stage, which focuses in on how they draw the audience in with the performances. We saw some very adept performers, some enthusiastic, some beyond their young years and some humorous. 

Thank you to William Kirvan, Scarlett Armstrong, Nathan Emslie, Michael Landon, Lydia Mason, Keira McGahon, Madeleine Egner, C-J Courtney, Elsa Watson, Fleur Wilson and Gaia Milstein -Stewart for your performances this evening. 

The show runs for two more nights. Just a note also as it was shorter than the expected hour and came in at nearer 45 minutes.

Buy tickets via the link below.

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