ROMESH RANAGNATHAN The Cynics Mixtape Review


Romesh came to Newcastle for two nights with his Mixtape and left us in hysterics to his beat. were given press tickets for Romesh Ranganathan to give you The Cynics Mixtape review at O2 City Hall and this one we were looking forward too. If you haven’t heard of Romesh Ranganathan then i’m not sure where you have been all this time. As he admits he is everywhere on TV with shows such as ‘A League of their own’, ‘The reluctant landlord’, ‘Judge Romesh’ and Ranganation to name a few and also a published author with his ‘Straight out of Crawley’ book. Who can blame him for making the most of the tv, he has been able to expand his comedy into shows and also shows the demand and popularity among everyone. Here he brings it back to the stage along with his support act Jake Lambert  and accompanying DJ. Jake Lambert is a young comedian, with natural youthful looks that make him look like he’s at secondary school with humour that rolls off the tongue as naturally as the looks. He talks from his experiences and the differences between cultures being an English lad from slough (or more Windsor) compared to his Australian girlfriend and the differences between the countries. Able to make himself the joke he opens up and the audience are laughing away, An auditorium full for Romesh, warmed up and suitably laughing meant Jake Lambert has a great future ahead of him and a great choice to start the show. Romesh starts by telling us about his regrowth beard and how his wife had paid him more attention since he shaved. His wife’s remarks regarding his weight and his own understanding of efforts of going to the gym. We move onto a story of losing his child at Brighton beach, his openness to be able to take the fun out of his dislike for his children is hilarious, of course i’m sure he loves them all equally really. Although he quickly descends into imagining life without his youngest or as he describes ‘shittest one’, seeking to think of all the benefits of not finding him and what they can turn his room into. You just imagine with this scene setting that you were there watching on in hysterics. We learn that Romesh isn’t a fan of Piers Morgan (personally i am) but cant help but laugh at his reasoning, He calls out to see how many of the audience care about the environment and the current conversation of saving the planet to which he is met with a steely silence.. which emphasises our selfishness and his point exactly.  Veganism is another topic being one himself, reminding us as they always do that they are vegan and telling us that being so is his way of contributing to the planet. Moments of sincerity popped up when talking about the teaching of LGBT in schools and his wishing to be able to kiss his son without being seen as a ‘dirty’ thing to do. His sex drive, lack of and getting it back make for a story of planning sex with his wife after the boys have played football on a Tuesday make for laughs as well as the actual thought of his son being blindfolded and singing Stevie wonder. Romesh brings out the humour that we are afraid to say nowadays and being a comic are able to say, he knows we have thought or said it and the response draws a coy response of laughs that you know in private at least is true. Mistakes of commenting on social media regarding Liam Neeson responding to Millwall FC’s twitter account regarding racist chants draw responses that he regrets however not afraid to make sure that his points should at least be acknowledged specifically in the latter case. Touching on the subject of Michael Jackson also – regardless of your thoughts on the man he’s right – the music is legendary. Romesh Ranganathan in this tells us stories that make us laugh, reminds us that we could probably do more to help the planet, laughs at himself, his wife and kids and maintains his reputation of the comic of the moment. He brings us his cynicism and proves that he’s just like every other one of us. A hugely successful night for himself and Jake Lambert in support. I no doubt will switch the tv on and see him on whatever show he’s on now but stand up is where he started and is at his absolute best. Grab Tickets for the show by clicking the link below if he hasn’t sold out your city already. Thanks for reading our cynics mixtape review,

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