DINERS at a top Indian restaurant can enjoy a large dos’a superfood goodness, thanks to the dish that inspired its name.

Dosa Kitchen, Jesmond, has earned a growing fanbase thanks to its inventive menu of authentic Southern Indian dishes.

And the dosa – a special pancake eaten in place of rice and bread – isn’t just a key element of the menu, it is also packed with nutritional benefits which are drawing athletes and runners to the Osborne Road venue.

Dosa is made of rice and protein-rich black urad lentils which are fermented over an 18-hour period, resulting in a batter full of amino acids, which is then lightly fried and can be used in place of bread, to wrap, dip and accompany other dishes.

Not only does the fermentation process aid good gut health by being easy to digest, but its carbohydrate content enables the body to feel fuller for longer and the dosa is also vegan and gluten-free.

Dosas can be ordered either plain, served with pickles and chutneys or ‘lined’ with other ingredients such as grated paneer cheese and a house spice mixture.

Among the other dosa accompaniments are potato masala and sauteed spicy onions while a favourite with customers from across Tyneside and beyond is the ghee roasted dosa.

Dosa Kitchen started life in 2015 as a pop-up before heading to its permanent base at the heart of Jesmond, just off Osborne Road and co-owner, Sudharsan Murugavel said the dosa was intrinsic to the menu from the start.

“So much so that we named our business after it,” he said, “and it ticks all the boxes as far as we are concerned.

“Not only is it delicious and a completely authentic staple of southern Indian cookery but its nutritional benefits are numerous.

“Traditionally it’s often eaten at breakfast because it provides low release energy and, with 9mg of protein per dosa and a low-fat content it is ideal for anyone watching their weight or wanting a gluten free alternative to bread.

“We get a lot of athletes, cyclists and runners in here and they love it – they see it as a sort of healthy fuel that boosts their stamina without leaving them too full.”

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