Si Beckwith - Bricks at The Stand Newcastle

Si Beckwith – Bricks at The Stand Newcastle

Si Beckwith (“Razor sharp wit” ~ The Crack) brings his newest show Bricks to The Stand,Newcastle.

A stand-up comedy show all about Si Beckwith’s experiences as a new step-parent.

Si is a step-parent. Not one of them evil Disney type ones either, he’s a really canny one. He’s made a show about being one.

It’s a show about family, swearing, lego, films, parenting, Newcastle and being a dafty.
After the success of debut solo show ‘Get Lush’, his new show is funny, heartfelt, silly, packed with stories and even has some art!

Si says ‘this show is incredibly personal to me. The relationship with my bairn is unique to her and I, but after talking about being a step-parent on stage in club sets, it really surprised me how many people wanted to talk about it after shows, as step-parents or step-kids themselves. I’m really proud of this daft little show and that I get to mark something that means so much to me with proper stupid jokes and swearing. It’s heartfelt, honest, but most importantly very silly and funny.’

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