Spotlight: Be At One Newcastle Cocktail Menu

Spotlight: Be At One Newcastle Cocktail Menu

Be At One Newcastle Cocktail menu has some new additions for you to try!

Be At One Newcastle invited us down for a cocktail masterclass to show off the new Be At One Newcastle cocktail menu that’s been launched, and if you have ever visited one of their 40 sites across the country you will know they can’t half deliver a delightful cocktail! As we entered the beautiful building (previously called The Waiting Rooms), which is only a five minute walk from the train station, we were greeted by the warm, welcoming staff. They were so attentive as soon as we walked into the bar.

From the moment we walked in we loved the atmosphere! Neon lights, walls full of an array of weird and wonderful spirits and people boogying away to the epic tunes. 

We decided to treat ourselves to the 2-4-1 menu before we went to the masterclass as we got there a little early. Not only do they offer 2-4-1 cocktails during Happy Hour, they also offer student and hospitality discounts. The Happy Hour times vary throughout the week – Monday – Thursday the times are between 4:30 – 7:30pm, Friday and Sunday 3pm – 6pm and big party day Saturday 12pm – 6pm. All of these are reasonable times and who doesn’t want a free cocktail?! Download the Appi Hour app to claim your own personal Appi Hour too!

The menu also breaks the cocktails down simply for you FROM Favourites, Frozen, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Signature Long Drinks, and No Alcohol – they also further inform you if they are sweet, sour, fruity, strong and a key to know what kind of glasses they are served in. Personally these are great as it helps to decide what you may or may not like.

Now, as a huge music lover, the music choice and taste will often determine whether I’d go back to a venue but these guys had it all – Take That, Shakira and even one of my all time favourites Stacey’s Mom! What an eclectic playsuit! Nothing pretentious here … just good fun! 

Now, the difficulty came down to choosing which cocktail to have as they boast over 140 cocktails on the menu. The bartenders are all incredibly skilled mixologists and pour free hand. They go through an extensive (never-ending) training programme where they learn how to free pour and deliver the most efficient service on the bar. We were greeted with the wonderful Josh who created our cocktails. I went for the June Bug, which has to be one of my GOAT cocktails, and it seriously was the best I’ve ever had. It tasted like they had made pineapple foam to go on top, so delicious. My friend picked Peachy Vibes, which meant Josh had to get the edible paint out. He was Picasso with that paintbrush as he designed the intricate pattern on the side of the glass. If you have watched the reel shared onto our Instagram socials, you will know I had to jump in on this Picasso action; however, I certainly wasn’t as skilled as the bartenders! 

Our Cocktail Masterclass was a little different to anything I’ve seen before. The two charming, fun bartenders whipped up around 15 different cocktails from the menu- some new and some old. They did hit us with the sucker punch that most of the new cocktails they were trying contained either Rum or Tequila. Now, me and Tequila have not been friends for many years due to too many tequila slammers in the past. That being said, I decided to put my big girl pants on and try all of them. I was pleasantly surprised by most… 

One of the first cocktails we tried was called the Berry Blitz and honestly, I think it’s going to be one of the favourites of the Summer. It did look like hard work to make but honestly it tasted delicious. The new shot girl on the block is Tequila Rose and Berry Blitz, contained a measure of this alongside Chambord and vanilla ice cream and finally topped with the every popular berry mochi- think Little Moons! 

Another favourite of mine had to be the Birthday Shot – which our bartender described as Dark Fruits on Steroids. A sentiment I hold dear as I will forever be a cider drinker. In all seriousness, it was a really delicious blackcurrant treat with Absolut Wild Berri, blackcurrant liqueur, lemon and Landon Champagne- a real treat and finally to make it even better- it was topped off with a Polaroid shot! Super cute, with a sentimental token to take home. Loved this idea! 

Now in between these delicious cocktails there were definitely some which didn’t tickle my taste buds but I guess that’s why we all have different tastes! Another surprising win for me was the Don Johnson, as they did describe it as a “won’t get you home alive” drink! Packed with alcohol- Plantation pineapple, Aluna coconut, strawberry liqueur and a dash of pineapple juice- a very strong but tropical taste sensation! There truly was such an array of cocktails to watch and they included some of the most fun features too – fake money being set on fire, flashing lights and strawberry foam being the highlights! 

Before we had the fun of making our own we had a little break where we hit up the photo booth and had a toilet trip where there was a button which dared us to push it – what’s the worst that could happen? Madonna’s Vogue filled the toilets so we had a little dance party in there! Everyone had a go at making their own cocktails which went pretty successfully and we had a sit down to enjoy them. 

Honestly, it was such a fun evening and I think it would be a perfect event for any occasion- birthdays, hen and stag parties or just for a little treat. They also have an amazing offer on the website if you sign up to their emails you get a £25 birthday bar tab – what an amazing incentive! Click here for more info.

Superb cocktails, attentive and skilled staff and an all round wonderful atmosphere. Be At One I will be back!

-Robyn McGough

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