Spotlight: Bell’s Fish & Chip Shop Seaham

Spotlight: Bell’s Fish & Chip Shop Seaham

Bell’s Fish and Chips – Seaham
14th June 2023

Our writer Stephen likes to pop us over his highlights when he’s not reviewing for us and came across Bell’s Fish and Chip Shop in Seaham. Read below his thoughts on this recently opened venue.

If you have the sheer audacity to open a fish and chip restaurant and takeaway in an established seaside town, then you had better be confident that your products are superb and pricing is competitive. Bell’s Fish and Chips has definitely achieved both in quite spectacular fashion.

Housed in the former Barclay’s Bank branch, on the land which once formed part of the Londonderry Railway, this new venue is now a large restaurant area and a separate takeaway which offers a no-frills menu with refreshingly few bolt ons that seem to have become the scourge of other chippies in the area. The restaurant area, which seats a whopping 140 people, is beautifully decorated and celebrates Seaham’s mining and rail heritage. It is airy, and spacious and today was packed with customers out at the seaside enjoying the seasonably warm sunshine and an appropriate lunch.

The takeaway menu (which I used today) includes haddock and cod with fish cakes, small and jumbo sausage, scampi, and burgers with the usual assortment of side to enjoy with them. The restaurant has a larger selection of dishes including traditional favourites such as lasagne and steak pie but the emphasis is on their fish selection which is sourced from sustainable fishing grounds. A cod fish supper with mushy peas to enjoy at home or on the beach will cost only £12.50. The price for the same meal in the restaurant is the same except for you would need to pay extra for the mushy peas as a side dish however you do get a nice slice of bread and butter as part of your meal.

The batter was a crisp as any I have experienced of late and the fish inside was beautifully cooked to give a deliciously moist generous portion of sparkling white cod which with lashings or vinegar and some salt was divine on a bright and warm sunny day. I always judge such an establishment on their chips and Bell’s Fish and Chips does not disappoint on this score. The chips were beautifully crisp on the outside with a light and fluffy texture inside which is exactly what I want from a deep-fried potato side dish.

Set in the heart of Seaham town centre, just along from the main beach, and up from the very popular Slope Beach and Marina, Bell’s Fish and Chips is head and shoulders above any other fish and chip shop in the area which is saying something as one of the others on the sea front has a very good reputation as well. We have certainly found our go-to chippy and judging by the queues at the takeaway and the packed restaurant we are not alone. Bell’s Fish and Chips has only been open in Seaham since 25th April 2023 and I certainly wish Managing Director Graham Kennedy, his wife Alleson, and all his staff a very warm welcome to our lovely town.

The staff are plentiful, very friendly, and offer an uncomplicated and efficient service. I will certainly be back in the near future.

Bell’s Fish and Chips has venues across the Durham area and also in Washington and Team Valley but for the time being my plaudits, in every regard, go to the Seaham restaurant and takeaway.

Bells Fish & Chips, North Terrace, Seaham, SR7 7HA
Opening Hours:
Seven days a week from 11am – 9pm

There is ample free parking around the restaurant and a small car park in front of the takeaway area.

  • Stephen Stokoe

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