Techno legends Scooter announce return to the UK with their 30th Anniversary Tour

Techno legends Scooter announce return to the UK with their 30th Anniversary Tour

Arguably one of Europe’s most successful techno acts, Scooter, announced today that they will be heading to Utilita Arena Newcastle on Tuesday 5th November 2024 on the ‘Thirty, Rough and Dirty’ tour.

The trio around front man H.P. Baxxter is set to give fans an unforgettable party and celebration of Scooter hits – old and new! The anniversary tour news follows from the band’s latest milestone which is the release of their 21st studio album – ‘Open Your Mind and Your Trousers’. Boasting over 30 million albums sold globally and more than 100 gold and platinum awards, Scooter’s latest offering is a testament to their enduring musical prowess. The album, featuring 15 tracks in their signature style, includes previously released singles such as ‘Techno is Back’, ‘Rave & Shout’, ‘Waste Your Youth’, ‘For Those About To Rave’.

The ‘Thirty, Rough and Dirty’ tour kicked off last month in Stuttgart, Germany, and will now continue
throughout Europe this spring before coming to the UK and Ireland in October and November. Full dates & locations below.

Scooter’s live performances are legendary, having captivated audiences in over 1000 sold-out shows across Europe and headlined major festivals with their spectacular act. Their influence extended beyond the music charts, touching the realms of pop culture and the arts. Their cultural significance was acknowledged by US talk show legend Jimmy Fallon. H.P. Baxxter’s ubiquitous presence in media, his contributions as a jury member on various TV casting shows, and endorsements for major brands underscore the band’s multifaceted impact.

Their unique blend of pop, techno, and Dadaist culture not only revolutionised music but also left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape.

As Scooter continues their journey with the ‘Thirty Rough and Dirty’, they reaffirm their status as pioneers of the electronic music landscape, blending pop and techno to leave a lasting legacy.

Tickets for Scooter at Utilita Arena Newcastle on Tuesday 5th November go on sale from Friday 12th April
at 10AM from

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