The judges of Britain’s Got Talent: their personalities and contributions

The judges of Britain’s Got Talent: their personalities and contributions

Britain’s Got Talent is one of the world’s biggest TV shows, as it showcases the talent that “every day, normal people” have to a worldwide audience. The winners of the show each year will be awarded the chance to perform in front of members of the royal family at that year’s Royal Variety Performance while they will also receive a cash prize.

Of course, many tune in to watch the acts on the stage perform and produce either some incredible displays that are simply impossible to comprehend or believe are true, while others make an absolute fool of themselves and become the national laughing stock for a night as they go viral on the internet.

However, for many, a large number of people like to tune in and watch the judging panel, as they can provide a range of different emotions, remarks, and shocking moments of their own. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon have been mainstays for the show, while David Walliams has recently been replaced with former Strictly Come Dancing judge, Bruno Tonioli.

Simon Cowell

The man behind the idea, Simon Cowell has really managed to take a simple concept and turn it into a global phenomenon. An entrepreneur, the TV personality who created The X Factor has managed to achieve the same success with Britain’s Got Talent.

After enjoying huge success with the show in the UK, he managed to take it to America where he achieved the same results. Subsequently, he managed to sell the rights to other countries that wanted to create their own versions. Furthermore, he has managed to sell licences to the show for a variety of other merchandise, too. This includes anything from clothing to homeware, as well as games.

The iGaming industry has been one sector that has looked to capitalise on the show, as developers have created exclusive titles that can be played at an online casino UK which incorporate the themes that the talent show provides viewers. These dedicated games have proven popular, which helps highlight just how successful the format of the TV version has been in the UK.

But, what is Cowell’s personality like? Well, some will perhaps describe him as being the one judge that is the hardest to please. He can appear to be left rather unimpressed by certain feats, while you better be incredible at singing if you want his vote. Magic does appear to be a soft spot for him.

Amanda Holden

Having been a judge on BGT since 2007, Amanda Holden is a media personality that many know and instantly recognise. She has a regular daily breakfast radio slot on Heart each weekday that she co-hosts, while she is seemingly kept busy doing other things.

Britain’s Got Talent is perhaps her main work and where many will continue to see her. She can be a mixture of being rather harsh to contestants, but equally, she can also be very emotional and show an outpouring of love and tears at performances that tug at the heartstrings.

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon has been a mainstay of the judging panel on BGT since 2012 when she decided to leave its main competitor over on the BBC, Strictly Come Dancing. There were rumours at the time that she was able to triple her salary by doing so.

Much like Amanda, she can be tough and firm when she wants to be and is left unimpressed by certain performances, but she can also be left feeling emotional and vulnerable by acts that are filled with that same emotion.

Bruno Tonioli

Having made the switch in 2023 much like Alesha did just over a decade ago, the flamboyant and out-there Bruno Tonioli will be making his judging debut on BGT in this year’s edition of the show.

If his time on Strictly is anything to go by, he could be a lot like Walliams in that he will love almost every single act that is witnessed, have plenty of fun, and could potentially put an act through with the Golden Buzzer that many may not necessarily agree with. However, one thing that everyone will find hard to argue against is the fact that he will bring bundles of entertainment and fun himself, which could lead to a number of moments and talking points!

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