WANNABE – The Spice Girls Show Review

Wannabe – The Spice Girls Show Review

Late last year the Spice Girls announced a reunion tour (minus Victoria) which kicks off next month. I was never a Spice Girls fan, so I wasn’t particularly excited by the news. However, I am always up for a bit of nostalgia and went along to the Playhouse Whitley Bay on Friday night for InNewcastle, to check out tribute act tribute act ‘Wanna Be’ – The Spice Girls Show.

The show warmed up with an audio taking us back through the 90s. Reminders of a time where we survived without mobiles, we were yet to discover the internet and our teenage responsibilities stretched as far as trying to keep our Tamagotchi’s alive. Followed by soundbites of the actual Spice Girls during their many interviews and appearances.  

The audio ended; the stage went into darkness. The 5 letters spelling SPICE illuminated, with 5 silhouettes stood infront of each.

The night then got off to a cracking start with the Spice Girls biggest hit ‘Wannabe’ and the audience were straight on their feet. Followed by another classic, ‘Say You’ll Be There’. Unfortunately, the energy died slightly as the tribute band went on to sing a couple of the Spice Girls lesser known numbers. I know I’d never heard them, nor had my friend who I took along with me. The audience then sat down, with a lot diverting their attention from the stage and began to chat amongst themselves. Which I felt was a shame. Thankfully, the vibe picked up again as the girls went on to sing ‘Mama’ and the audience sang along too.

The two hours showcased every one of the Spice Girls catchy hits from all of their 3 albums. Along with individual performances of Mel Cs, Emma Buntons, Victoria Beckhams, Melanie B’s and Geri Halliwells solo career. ‘It’s Raining Men’ was just outstanding. It could well have been Geri on that stage.  Definitely my highlight of the show, along with the girls performance of ‘Viva Forever’.

Recreating Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger, the Wannabe girls are all very talented performers. The choreo and dancing was outstanding, the set and use of lighting spectacular, and each girl emulated their characters fabulously. The outfits, distinctive style and just general stage presence. Sporty jumped about the stage as Posh Strutted.

Time seemed to go by so fast, which is always a sign of a good night. And ended with everyone on their feet again bopping along to ‘Spice up your Life’.

As I mentioned earlier, there was a handful of tracks I’d never heard of. But that’s purely because as I say, I wasn’t a massive fan. So, unless you had all their albums, I wouldn’t go along expecting to know every song either. But ‘Too Much’, ‘Holler’, ‘Stop’, ‘Who Do you think you Are’, ‘2 become One’, ‘Goodbye’ –  they‘re all in there.

I feel I should also mention the interval. Usually this is a time for everyone to sit and have a chat about the first half of the show or nip to the bar. Not this interval as 90s hits played along with the lyrics across the screen above the stage and the audience partied on. I’ve never experienced an interval quite like it. And this was also an opportunity to upload a selfie with the best winning a bottle of bubbly.

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