What does a mobile EE signal booster do?

What does a mobile EE signal booster do?

time to make some changes. EE, one of the widely used networks in the UK usually performs well. Users can make calls or connect to the internet without difficulties most of the time. However, there may be instances where the signal drops. This can be a great challenge, especially if your job requires constant communication with customers or clients.

There are many things you can do in an attempt to improve the network. The most reliable method of ensuring your connection remains strong is by using an EE 4G signal booster according to UCtel. So what exactly does this device do and why do you need one?

Causes of poor networks

There are many options when it comes to mobile Networks in the UK. Of these, the EE network has proven to be a good option for many where 91% of respondents reported some level of satisfaction. That doesn’t mean you can’t experience poor connections sometimes. This can occur for several reasons that are not related to the provider. These include:

● Cell towers that are far away

● Living in a rural areas

● Offices with thick walls

● Occupying old buildings

● Congestion during busy hours

● Living in busy areas

● Being surrounded by trees or hills

● Stormy weather conditions

All these can contribute to dropped calls. Unfortunately, you cannot remove some of these factors, so a booster is the only way of amplifying an EE signal.

How does it work?

A booster is a device that amplifies poor signals. It can therefore help you overcome any issues that cause poor signals such as:

● Thick walls

● Bad weather

● Congested areas

● Trees

To understand how a booster works, let’s first look at how signals reach phones. Signals are transmitted to mobile devices from cell towersA phone sends the signal to the cell tower and vice versa. So any issues that cause bad networks can be due to the phone, transmitter or factors that lie in between the two.

Connectivity with signal booster

The biggest issues tend to be barriers between the two. These slow down the signal as it is traveling to your device. As a result, there is no smooth connection between the two. Another factor to consider is the location of the cell tower. If it is very far away, it may also result in poor-quality calls.

The EE 4g mobile signal booster that you install works by improving the quality of calls. It is essentially an intermediary between your phone and the signal you are receiving. Because it works on the signal, you don’t have to eliminate any physical barriers.

A booster has three key components, the amplifier, external and internal antennas. These work together to ensure that you stay connected to the internet and call all the time. It will also boost internet speeds as you browse.

External antenna

This is placed outside and captures the signals coming from your phone. The main function is to transmit this signal to the amplifier. The location of the external antenna is crucial when it comes to maximizing connections. Large buildings may require additional antennas to ensure that the entire building has coverage.


The amplifier is the most important element of a booster. It captured the signals coming from the external antenna. It boosts any weak signals through baseband processors. There are different types of amplifiers ranging from 60-100 dB gains. The more the dB gains the wider the coverage. Boosters will capture any type of EE frequency and convert it into something you can use.

Internal antenna

Once the signal is strong, it is transmitted to the internal antenna. This will then send it to your phone. Depending on the type of amplifier, you will get a broader coverage. This is crucial for large buildings that may experience dropped calls.


Installing an EE 4g signal amplifier is actually easy. Depending on the capacity, you can do the installation alone. For instance, if it is for a single office or your home. All you need to do is ensure that all three components are well connected.

It is important to find the area with the strongest signal. This is where the booster should be placed. It takes less than 30 minutes to install one. Then you can start enjoying quality phone calls.

Corporate installations tend to be more complex and therefore require expert input. A building that has many floors will require careful planning. Aside from this, you also need special antennas that will capture and transmit a stronger signal. By doing so, there won’t be areas that lack connections. You can continue communicating with staff from other departments of your company.

Maintenance and provider selection

For large buildings, maintenance is important. It ensures that there are no interruptions at any point. Experts can visit your company every year to check if the booster is working smoothly. If there is a problem, they will fix it before further damage.

Whenever you buy a booster, make sure there is a warranty. This ensures that if any damage occurs before the warranty is repaired by the provider. It is a great way of avoiding unnecessary expenses.

One of the biggest challenges for many when it comes to buying mobile signal boosters is picking a provider. With the right information, you can do so. Simply create a checklist of what to look out for. Ensure that you know your needs as the capacity varies.

Final thoughts

The best networks in the UK including EE may fail you sometimes. This could be due to your location, the thickness of building walls, or the weather. So finding a solution that can tackle all of these problems is paramount to staying connected with customers or acquaintances.

An EE 4g signal booster solution is something you need. It ensures the network stays trading as you navigate work and family life. With a simple installation, it will be up and running in no time. Make sure you consult professionals to pick one that will suit your individual needs. Stay connected at all times and enjoy making smooth phone calls.

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