Where can you play bingo in and around Newcastle?

Where can you play bingo in and around Newcastle?

Playing bingo is something people have done for years and years and has only grown in popularity over time. With the introduction of the internet and more and more people gaining access, more people than ever are taking their first steps into playing bingo and becoming bingo lovers. 

Whilst the majority of newer players will start their journeys playing online, there’s something special about playing in a real bingo hall with other players in person. Hearing the numbers being called out, and ticking off your numbers, it’s a lot more interactive than watching from a computer screen. As one of the regularly occurring events in Newcastle, whether you’re a local or simply visiting the city, you’ll almost certainly be able to partake in the pastime.  

Buzz Bingo and the slots room

Based on Clifford Street, Buzz Bingo and the slots room is one of the top places to go if you are looking to play some bingo in your spare time. Buzz Bingo has everything you could want in a bingo hall, with a large open bingo hall along with a licenced bar with a vast choice of drinks and snacks including full meals throughout the day, restrooms and even tablets so you can automatically play your bingo game hands-free if you’re feeling lazy. 

Open till noon seven days a week, you can go when it suits you and when you have some free time. There are always promotions available on their website which include your first two visits for £5 and your first two meals including food and a drink for only £5. You can also sign up for their newsletter to ensure you never miss a promotion in the future.

Mecca Bingo

Located on East Street in Gateshead, Mecca Bingo is another classic place to cover all of your bingo needs. Open 11:45 am to 10:45 pm Monday to Thursday and 11:45 am to 11 pm Friday Saturday and Sunday, there’s plenty of time to win some games of bingo.

Mecca Bingo offers all your standard requirements such as restrooms and seating areas. There is also a bar which offers a wide range of drinks and hot meals such as burgers, fish and chips or vegetarian or vegan options. They also have great offers such as two drinks for £7 every day and two meals for £13 Monday to Thursday.

You can also download their app which gives you exclusive offers and deals on food games, with the ability to have your digital pass stored on the app, which saves you having to take your physical card each time. You’re also able to book game slots, order food and keep up to date on the latest info and promotions.

Ritz Bingo and Social Club

Fancy stepping back into simpler times before electronics came into bingo? With the Ritz Bingo and social club, it’s just good old-fashioned bingo with a pen and paper. There’s something satisfying about not having any tablets to play the game for you, and you having to rely on yourself to keep up and no one else. Along with the classic style bingo, Ritz Bingo and Social Club also offers food and drinks available to purchase, along with numerous different options for games. Opening times are 11 am to 2:55 pm then 5 pm till 9 pm Monday to Sunday. If classic Bingo is your thing, Ritz Bingo and Social Club is the one for you.

Bingo is a game for everyone, and anyone can play since it’s so easy to learn. Providing you can keep up with the numbers, you’re ready to go. Even if you struggle to keep up, you can use a tablet at most bingo halls to track your numbers for you. For most people, stepping into the world of bingo can be a daunting thing, however, there’s no need to be worried as everyone at bingo halls is extremely friendly and can answer any queries you have.

However, if playing in a physical bingo hall truly isn’t your cup of tea, there are many options available online. The best bingo sites in the UK are accessible from anywhere, so players can participate from the comfort of their own homes from their favoured device. When playing online, it’s worth bearing in mind that payment methods, withdrawal speeds, bonuses and security are all factors to consider before playing. Once you’ve chosen a site, you’ll find a wide range of bingo games you can buy tickets for at a budget that suits you best. Additionally, these sites are available at any time, so you can play whenever is convenient. 

With the above bingo halls you’ve got some choice about where to play and what time to play, the choice is completely yours, and you know you’ll have a great experience wherever you end up choosing in Newcastle. Having looked at the above bingo halls, which one will you be trying first?

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