you have already survived from live theatre associate artist gobscure

you have already survived from live theatre associate artist gobscure

25 may, 28 may and 1st june – solo theatre shows at 6pm
30 may – gig launching album whats love in yr language? at 6pm
25 may – 5 june – installation-theatre – open daily

all live theatre studio, newcastle
sat 15 june at 7:30pm – solo theatre show plus mini-gig with late girl slung low leeds –

tues 25 june at 7:30pm, solo theatre show, harrogate library

you have already survived by gobscure. produced in association with live theatre newcastle.

some rivers have rights, the afon wysg (river usk) has riots. this river also saved gobscures
life, showing how post-trauma-growth is possible. live theatre artistic associate gobscure
returns with their latest solo theatre show travelling upstream from britains last insurrection
to date, thru to attending their first punk gig as teen in defiance ov sick-chiatry, and finally
discovering wider horizons

‘a truly remarkable work that forges a deep connection with those who experience it, with art that always brings love, hope and thoughtfulness.’ – The NewBridge Project

Jack McNamara, Artistic Director of Live Theatre says of gobscures work:
“ gobscure’s work is really like nothing else. political, emotional, theatrically daring, visually
and aurally astonishing. their inner world is huge. the ideas begin small but expand
outwards to wild heights. Their imagination and skill could fill our theatre ten times over.”

alongside the solo theatre show is installation – walk into live theatres studio space and
witness powerful film, poetry-banners, and a collage of original song and soundscapes.
album launch is thanks to a sound&music award, and bursaries from unlimited and a-n
The Artists Information Company

‘listening so the pain goes away.’ lategirl, former sage artist in residence

universal connections that reach all in a heartfelt, unique and accessible way.
disability arts online

album :

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