You’re Stronger than you know Review – James Morrison

JAMES MORRISON – You’re stronger than you know Review at O2 CITY HALL

James Morrison and his ‘You’re Stronger Than You Know’ tour made a stop in Newcastle’s City Hall. into the city on November 10th.

The hall was busy nearing capacity and row N seats 22/23, slap bang in the front middle of the stalls was where the night was watched from. Perfect view (unless you get a tall person sitting in front of you). We missed the support act, Ferris and Sylvester, but they were getting lots of positive comments and people were happily snapping photographs with them in the foyer. They are now downloaded on Spotify to check out. First on stage were the band, drummer, electric guitar, bass and two fabulous backing singers, followed by James Morrison (strangely I appear to be unable to write just James) took his place receiving lots of applause and a whole lot of love, especially from a group of women near the front. The set started with ‘Under The Influence’ from his debut album, die hard fans were straight to their feet whereas others, including me, only partook to all of the popular back catalogue hits of which the set was filled and these included You Give Me Something and Broken Strings. 17 way too young for love is how ‘So Beautiful’ opens and instantly I am 17 again and thinking of my past life, the good the bad and the ugly. He gets the whole audience involved with ‘Glorious’, hands clapping and easy to join in with. I do wish that ‘Until the Stars Go Out’ had made it to the setlist, a beautiful ballad giving advice to his young daughter but with some great albums under his belt, it must be difficult to make the shortlist. James Morrison’s voice is so good. His version of ‘With a little help from my friends’ brought a smile to my face. I know I should think of The Beatles when hearing it, but I see The Wonder Years (classic American tv series 1988-93) and hear Joe Cocker’s sound which I think JM’s natural style is drawn towards, so JM thank you for taking me back to my secondary school days. The audience was an eclectic mix from late teens to seventies. There were more females with approximately a 70/30 ratio but both were enjoying the evening as much as the other. There was a guy in row L who sang each and every word and I love people watching and it was good to see people so happy and engaged with the music. So many people spent more time looking at the artist through their mobile phone screen, please people, live in the moment and enjoy the performance through your eyes and not a device. There are a few dates left of the tour. Definitely one to go to if you are a true fan. Setlist: Under the Influence, Nothing Ever Hurt Like You, Feels Like the First Time, Undiscovered, Power, I Won’t Let You Go, I Still Need You, Cross the Line, Broken Strings, So Beautiful, If You Don’t Wanna Love Me, My Love Goes On, Glorious, You Give Me Something, You Make It Real, Slowly and Wonderful World FOR MORE INFO OR TICKETS CLICK THE LINK : Thanks for reading our You’re stronger than you know review,

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