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We at were gifted the opportunity to try out a meal for two at Boojie Burger of which we were more than happy to accept and try out.

Boojie Burger is located on the 1st Floor of Stack Newcastle. By all means not new, this was the first time we actually got around to trying it, however Boojie is an already established food outlet within Stack.

If by now you do not know what Stack Newcastle is, well why not? Stack is approaching its one year birthday and has become a central hub for independent traders, whether it be retail, food or drink. They also have seasonal events and have hosted A Tipi, An Ice Bar and now a stage for the summer bringing you live music and even mass karaoke!

So within Stack there are eleven places of choice across a variety of cuisines but i’m here to talk Boojie Burger.

Their aim ‘Boojie’….’To aspire to be better than the rest’

Boojie Burger is a casual restaurant, No fancy decor just neon style text on the menu it lets its food do all the talking. Cooked fresh and with you within 5-10 minutes. With benches for seating in front of the ordering area and a small breakfast bar with a few seats inside it is also perfectly located to watch the big screen or staged events.

You can can order from the board behind the counter or as we did take the menu and choose at the table. You are required to go to the counter to order and upon doing so you are given a vibrating pager, which notifies you when your order is ready for collection. (if your not paying attention it can give you a little fright also when it does go off while holding it!)

Between myself and wife we ordered a Mexican Burger A combination of an Angus Burger in a Brioche Bun, with chile con carne, jalapeno, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and nachos topped with a mini gherkin and a Pizza Burger which consisted of an Angus Burger in a Brioche Bun with Pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato relish, tomato and oregano topped with a mozzeralla stick!

Are your lips drooling yet? Because ours were. Great sized burgers and equally tasty. The Mexican certainly had a kick to it and even though i don’t like guacamole and forgot to ask for it not to be put in, it actually wasn’t overpowering at all. The Pizza Burger was certainly like it was named with a great taste combination of the cheese, meat and pepperoni. Both were meaty, juicy and succulent and above all Tasty!

Accompanying these were the sides of Cheesy Fries, which my wife loved due to the fries being crispy and very cheesy, and Loaded Onion Rings. Now this is the first time i’ve come across loaded onions rings so was a must have. Loaded with Bacon, Cheese, Crispy Onion Bits and Coriander these were a great alternative to the normal loaded fries i normally order elsewhere. Again the size of the onion rings were big and the portion i would recommend sharing.

Once we finshed or ‘demolished’ these down i have to say it was one of the best burgers i’ve had. I’m a huge fan of Five Guys and not yet tried the reputable Meat Stack but have seen these are up there with the best.

Priced reasonably these wont set you back the earth and are on par with top quality burger restaurants around town.

These Burgers were delicious, tasty and left me wanting more. Matched with its central location and ever present entertainment Boojie is onto a winner.

So if you’re popping out for an afternoon lunch, evening meal or pre drink munch i would recommend visiting Boojie Burger to fill you up whilst you sit and watch whatever entertainment is on.

One thing for sure is if Newcastle United don’t give you the result wanted Boojie Burger certainly will – so come on in it’s proper lush!

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