Hard Rock Cafe Merch - Whats the hype about?

Hard Rock Cafe Merch – Whats the hype about?

Hard Rock cafe Merchandise – Whats the hype about?

Last Friday Stack Newcastle opened its latest pop up shop – A Hard Rock Cafe Rock Shop but what’s the hype about it?

I thought this was a nice to have pop up shop. It’s obviously raising awareness that our lovely city will soon also be home to it’s own Hard Rock Cafe on the site of the Guildhall down on the Quayside, as well as selling rock themed merch. 

Since opening I have seen Facebook and Instagram blow up about how people were excited to have got there hands on merchandise or that they were upset they had to queue for two and a half hours to get into it…yes TWO and a half HOURS. 

Now I’m not against the restaurant or the shop at all. I will want to visit and try it out when it opens. Some will be against another chain restaurant opening but that’s for another article. I just honestly don’t get why you would wait that long in a que for a T Shirt or pin badge?

I understand it’s a small shop and has limited capacity. Without having been myself, the pictures I’ve seen of successful purchases are generic branded t shirts and hoodies. 

So why the rush to purchase these? They’ll be on sale daily once this restaurant opens. They won’t run out. Hard Rock is a brand and so will ensure they maximise exposure. 

So please someone that queued. – why did you? What was the hype about? What am I missing about it.

Please call me out when I finally do get into town and visit this shop, if you then see me in the very t shirt I have just questioned! (However unlikely) However for now I still have more questions than answers…

Thanks for reading. Please comment an answer I’m honestly keen to know! 


Over a little more thought and consideration, Hard Rock Merch is just like any other brand. One that people will follow and purchase the merch to collect and show where they have been. I mean I’m a football fan, and would spend on a Newcastle hoodie, so why cant someone else show off their love for Hard Rock!

We also tried out the food at an exclusive preview before opening. Check out our review here.

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