Horticulture Brunch Review

Horticulture Brunch Review

So after 4 months of being in Lockdown and not getting out enough in general. It was time to catch up with a couple of friends and have brunch. The venue of choice was Horticulture bar cafe restaurant.

It’s been here for a whole year now, with its increasing reputation. A venture from Michael Hesketh who should be very proud of what he has achieved with this restaurant. 

When I found out we were going here, my reaction was ‘isn’t that place for vegetarians?’ To which I was promptly pointed towards the menu and varying meat options I could have. Very naive of me considering I hadn’t actually looked up what the restaurant was about, but had heard good things about it. 

Its unassuming position means if you don’t know about it, you could miss it. Just off Market Lane, its name adorns the side of the wall. However we knew, and off I went to try out brunch and Horticulture for the first time.

The new normal meant right through the door we had hand sanitiser. Up the stairs we went, to be met by a member of staff who escorted us to our table. (All staff were wearing masks). A quick intro about social distancing and given the track and trace card we had to fill in also. 

The decor in this restaurant had me looking around, plant pots, wall art and phrases gave a nice feel. Not overly busy and well socially distanced between tables, meant the new normal felt like well…normal.

A jug of water was brought over to the table while we chose what else we wanted to drink and eat. They also have a W8R app for ordering direct from the table too. Now I’m not really a connoisseur for fine food or what I call posh food. Being 11 am, I’m more a greasy spoon cafe or Wetherspoons big breakfast kind of guy. Fill me up and send me on my way for a fiver. Having seen pics on the website of a great big fry up, it appears they are running either a reduced menu or no breakfast menu and just the brunch currently as the breakfast wasn’t to be seen.

However, with a range of options on the brunch menu, and being a meat man I chose the Steak and Eggs to get my fix. Asked how I’d like my steak cooked also, I went medium. This was to be a flat iron steak, underneath a fried egg and Horti dressing. What I got wasn’t posh food, it was what Horticulture’s’ ethos is all about, good tasting, locally sourced food from Northern suppliers. Honestly, it tasted good, but even I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. 

Priced at £13 it wouldn’t be my regular choice off the menu but understand why its priced so. A week later and I’m still wondering if it was the way the steak was cooked or the Horti dressing that gave my meal a distinguished taste that was beautiful. I’d really love to get down here for a proper breakfast. While I know it will cost more than a fiver I know it’ll be well worth paying for.

For me personally, I’d visit Horticulute occasionally and see it as a nice treat rather than a weekly regular. But as I say I haven’t had a proper brekkie yet that may change my mind. Overall for brunch, I’d definitely recommend popping down and checking it out. This place is for everyone – not just vegetarians! 

Horticulture is a great casual dining experience, in a restaurant that has space, artwork and plants adorning the walls and friendly staff. It was a great choice, and happy to have finally been to Horticulture.

Get booked in at https://horticultureuk.co.uk/

Check out the Brunch menu below.

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