SPOTLIGHT on....DeliverBrew

SPOTLIGHT on….DeliverBrew

Our first Spotlight article and its a company we came across via Facebook. With the shutdown of pubs, and the fact I never go out, means anything that can be delivered to me and involves alcohol is always of interest! I tried one of the Pornstar Partini’s and can definately say it was good.


Who are you?

We are known as DeliverBrew North East!

Who are the people behind the business?

My names Dan and I’ve worked in hospitality for 10 years, and I am the company director of Glass Orange Leisure Ltd – the parent company of The Sun, Bedlington and DeliverBrew North East.

Why did you start the business?

Unfortunately, it’s a business that has been created as a survival mechanism, due to the the initial pub closures in March 2020 by The Sun, Bedlington – with the aim of creating a pub-to-your-door service.

How and when did it start?

We’ve been going since March 2020, so almost at our year anniversary.

Where are you now compared to when it started?

We have grown exponentially since launch – branching out into a fully immersed online order system, and offering same day delivery of our flagship products – cocktail sharers jars. We have re-marketed as a same day gift service too – which is proving incredibly popular. DeliverBrew NE

What’s product is your personal favourite?

The cocktail sharer jars – we recently featured a Geordie Lilt (Absolut Mango Vodka, Archers Peach Schnapps, Monin Pineapple Syrup, Orange & Lemonade) – which is returning permanently!

Do you have any customer favourites (bestsellers)?

Skittles & Pornstar Partini sharers continue to be huge – in particular as part of our multibuy sharer packages!

Do you offer collection? Delivery? If delivery to which postcodes?

We’re purley a online only service. Here’s an image of all the postcodes we deliver too. Too many to write down!

When are you open?

Well being online the great bit is we are open all the time. Online orders are accepted 24/7 – same day delivery available is also available for orders placed before 9pm. Order up to 30 days in advance.

How do people order?

All orders are placed via our website ( – time and date slots are selected at the secure checkout. Free gift message can be added at the checkout too. Pay via credit/debit card, PayPal, and (soon) Klarna payments. deliverbrew

Name 2 Other (independent preferably) food or drink businesses you know and tell us why you like them.

My first is Parm-o-rama. It’s a street food truck that is currently circulating to venues to offer click and collect chicken parmos – they have been to my venue and have sold out. Brilliant quality product, tastes lovely! My second is Amy’s Afternoon TeasA very local lady who has created a range of stunning afternoon tea packages and is doing well around the area. Definately reccomend!   DO YOU KNOW A LOCAL BUSINESS THAT IS WORTH A SPOTLIGHT ON? Then email us here

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